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New Orchestral Library - Da Capo


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I'd say something like symphobia is over-priced when you can get something like East West for several hundred less and just as good of sound.

Apparently though, your thoughts on price destroy credibility entirely.

Nah, I totally get what you're saying, it sounds good to me too, I'm just not sure why that destroys your credibility. It's not like you were making a professional statement or anything...

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Ok this is not as interesting anymore, it's just hi-mid-low grouped sections and that seems to be it. I think Loegria Albion I and II sounds better so far with more content and not that much higher price.

That's quite incorrect.

They are all separate sections, grouped only through scripting. You don't have to use the all-sections grouping; you can do the separate ones too.

He's demoing a patch where it lets you group sections together. It's not limited to that, he's showing off the functionality because not many if any other orchestral libraries do that, and that's incredibly useful for composers under time constraint and don't have the patience to address each section through MIDI Channel individually. Similar thing with ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials, except I think the samples are actually grouped in the recordings themselves in ProjectSAM, rather than combined through playing separate sections at the same time, so it's not nearly as flexible.

Da Capo is doing really cool stuff here, but it's not limited to the grouping like you were implying.

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Thank you for clearing that up Neblix. Does that mean that it's basically a multi? Single/sections grouped into one output?

It's a patch with programming in it that lets you access all of the sections inside one patch.

It intelligently decides what wav files to play based on your chosen grouping.

For instance, if I wanted to double flutes and violas in just one MIDI channel, I'd activate both of them, and then when I trigger a note, the programming decides "play the flute section note C wav file and the viola section note C wav file".

And then you can split it further, to have the viola-flute double on the left hand and a brass section on the right, and that can be a combination of the 4 sections or just 1 of them (or it can be a combination of any brass sections and any string sections or any woodwinds). It's up to you to decide.

It's basically a gigantic make-your-orchestra patch. You decide which sections are playing and in what range.

But you could just as well load 16 of these and activate only 1 section for each, to have the more commonly perceived MIDI channel per instrument.

If you wanted to get mathy, the number of combinations you can do here are (I think there are 16 sections here?) up to 16! which is 16 factorial, so 16 x 15 x 14 etc down to 1, which is almost 21 trillion combinations, with probably only 00.000000000001% (so leftover is like 2,100?) of that being realistic (so NOT something like doubling violin with a timpani, cymbal and bass clarinet, all the way to something like ALL THE THINGS AT ONCE), which is still ridiculously huge.

In fact, it'd be pretty fair to say no one would do more than say 4 sections at a time unless they had a crazy idea, so that comes to 16 * 15 * 14 * 13, which is a little over 40,000 possible combinations, again, with a lot being unrealistic, but it demonstrates that you really can do anything humanly conceivable here.

So it's kind of like an intelligent, dynamic multi, yes.

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