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Hey everyone,

I have a show on youtube that's all about reviewing video game soundtracks. I'm just getting my start, but I wanted to know what you all think of the idea of reviewing video game music specifically.

There's a ton of video game reviewers out there and I'm trying to make my place among them.

Here's a sample of my show.

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Interesting style for the video, wasn't what I was expecting.

"...the steel drums remind me of, sand!" got a few nyuks out of me.

Given how subjective VG music love is I wouldn't want to call something like this a review. Where do you draw the line for such a review anyway? Without getting into music theory or sound design aspects which don't appeal to everyone, it just becomes another personal opinion on youtube and not really a review at all.

If you kept the rhymes going though I think it would be worth a five minute watch.

good luck if you decide to make more.

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