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Looking for drummers for upcoming sample library series.


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Hello, Elan Hickler here,

I'm looking for dedicated drummers for my upcoming series of drum sample libraries for Kontakt. One product is already in production. The library is geared towards electronic music; overly clean production techniques are not welcome here. :) The goal is to create a variety of sampled drumkits that are lightweight, easy to use, low-cost, and feel different from each other. I will be bringing interesting features into these products that have never been seen before. The focus will be on immediate sonic gratification rather than tweak-ability. Multiple drummers will be accepted, and the same drummer may sign on for multiple libraries.

*I will direct you in mic setup and playing techniques, although your creative input will be valued (strange drum preparation is welcome). You will be encouraged not to use sterile/perfect playing techniques in some instances.

*You will receive fair compensation in the form of royalties, to be discussed on an individual basis. I will be in charge of processing samples, creating the kontakt patch, programming, and marketing, although I may allow the drummer to take on some of these jobs for more royalties.


*Drum set, a good recording space (anything from a tight room to large hall will be accepted), and skills.

*Recording gear

*2 to 8 or more simultaneous recording channels (depends on what you have available and the sound we are going for)

*Skype and webcam or ability to take pictures

THERE WILL BE AN AUDITION PROCESS, post an audio link (any kind of recording be it solo or within a band) to your work in THIS thread! Discuss here!

Thank you,


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