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electric concerto

finished Legacy of the Wizard - Lyll's Soundroom

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Here is an (attempted) dubstep remix of Lyll's Dungeon from the game Legacy of the Wizard.


Remix: (Update 3)

This is my first attempt at creating dubstep, so any help from those experienced dubstep ReMixers would be so awesome. Any feedback, in fact, would be awesome. Thanks!

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First, some timbre stuff.

The wubs are okay, but they're too resonant, or you're modulating them between weird cutoff frequencies that emphasize the resonance. They're also the same the whole time, maybe even the same patch modulated a lot with automation. Change the patch or make the pattern more interesting.


The supersaw is alright for this, but the bass that comes in at 0:07 is sounding like it's clashing with it.

The snare is too soft. Needs low end punch and a boost in the volume.

The kick is either too soft, too bassy, or both. Layer some more, give it some low end snap.

When you've got the wubs going on, they're much too loud. I can barely hear the lead.


Unclear. I can't hear the leads, and the wubs are repetitive, so there's no real structure yet.

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The levels still aren't quite there during the dubsteppy parts. The wubs are still too loud compared to the lead.

At about 1:30, the lead is way too shrill. It's like you detuned an FM lead (which would sound really bad). Try just a simple square lead with vibrato and go from there.

I also don't hear all that much source. It could be less than the reasonable 50% at the moment.

As a whole, you have very generic sounds, except in the exact middle of the song. Maybe practice some other sound design?

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Wubs sound better, but actually still too loud, and overpowering the lead. The wubs are also a tiny bit busy in terms of the rhythm.

The 1:39 lead is still very shrill. Just try copying the MIDI data to a new lead and see if you can come up with a better one than that. ;)

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Wow, I can't remember the last time I saw a Broderbund symbol. Where in the world IS Carmen Sandiego, anyway?

I will say this genre is not my forte, but I think I can still offer some constructive criticism to bring it to the next level.

-Melody pickup at 1:09 could be a bit stronger. The wubs, as Timaeus said, do bury it a bit. You might try to find some more creative ways to get it to come out - panning, compression, etc. Experiment.

- In a similar vein, those arps that go on top of the wub could come out a bit. Just a touch.

- I could probably take a little more of the kick drum throughout. It's not doing as good of a job as I think it could supporting the whole mix. Maybe some more "thwap" in the 2k range or punch compression might help it really cut through.

- I personally don't have a problem with the lead at 1:39

- Arrangement wise, it's a little short, but still well within OCR guidelines.

Great job with this, and best of luck!



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