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Now that is a happy mix :mrgreen:

It's a little repetitive with the main melody but everything else you have going around is fairly cool, the shake up after 2 minutes was much needed.

The end's a bit... sudden though, that shook me.

Lol yeah, its a big problem i have when workign on 'incomplete' tracks, ending is the last thing on my mind and when extracting a WIP i can't be bothered :P Sorry haha,

Thanks for listening

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It's cute, I'll give you that, feels like it needs something else though, the source is just TOO obvious and repetitive. For this, I would PERSONALLY think about mixing in maybe some of Rikku's theme. I know from experience they mix well. Also maybe tinker with a few key changes. Also I think the reverb on the lead sounds a little funny in places?

What program are you using :)

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