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  1. Good morning, or good afternoon where ever you may be! "New Game +" is a web series in the works, created by professional artists, animators, voice actors and screen writers. We are currently working hard to create a pilot episode that will then launch our kickstarter for a complete series. New Game + will be a comedy series based in a world where all genres of games co exist, think "Drawn Together" meets "wreck it Ralph" We are seeking a song writer to help us get the series launched. This will be purely pro bono up until the kickstarter is up and running, if we are successful and we are we are happy enough with your production you will have an opportunity to join our team, paid, to work on the complete series. We require songs that relate to the generic stereotypes of the gaming universe, IE epic battle themes, vintage chip tunes, dramatic themes, eerie locations background music, happy village themes and so on. If you have any general questions please post them within this thread, but to apply, please send me a private message. Once the role is filled I will notify all applicants.
  2. Tydin


    Just a fun project I worked on for about 6 months on and off. The concept is "what is Shiva was a fire summon instead of ice" Shiva from Final fantasy X mainly Theres a couple details I missed out on, so pretty sure I'll go back to it one day But for now here she is.
  3. The percussion does seem to have a few issues with latency as stated above, but this is sounding VERY promising again, as stated above lol. My only advice it the EQ'ing could use some tweeking in the first half of the song, an also around 2.55 the harp panned to the left (or the right not sure if my headphones were in the correct ears)really could do with being less single sided and could benefit with some more eq'ing and tinkering with the reverb. I think that could really make it sound more empowered especially if you maybe up the bass a bit with some more variety around that part. also possibly might be worth playing with some more samples for the harp as it feels like its very synthetic while trying to sound legit. Ill be following this one! great work!
  4. Will be adding another minute or so to the final version. Just need some critique as it stands so far please. I have a lot of trouble humanizing my mixes without the use of a midi keyboard but I'm hoping I have nailed it. Any tips would be great! Also wondering there is too much reverberation? Done in reason 5 alone, point and click! Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qPtuOfQbyI Think it might need something else added to it in terms of instruments? Or keep it as a piano solo? Thanks guys!!!
  5. Thank you kindly I'm glad someone enjoyed it.
  6. Literally just for fun, but it's finished. Hope you guys enjoy it. Short and sweet.
  7. It's cute, I'll give you that, feels like it needs something else though, the source is just TOO obvious and repetitive. For this, I would PERSONALLY think about mixing in maybe some of Rikku's theme. I know from experience they mix well. Also maybe tinker with a few key changes. Also I think the reverb on the lead sounds a little funny in places? What program are you using
  8. Literally just a quick question, I read somewhere that reason 5's Regroove is great for humanising tracks, I've never used it for its intended purpose as I tend to place the notes in the manner that I know I want without the assistance of Regroove to get the groove I want. But using it to humanise a track? Is this wise? What experiences have you reason users had with this? Any advice or tips? Keep in mind I'm very much a self taught novice with mixing so I hope you're patient with me.
  9. LOL so sorry posted on the wrong profile XD

  10. LOL dont be silly its down to taste, and if youre not that keen on easy listening thats understandable Cheers for the flute info! Can't wait to hear your next update
  11. I NEED those flute samples! lol. so good. Sounds great! I LOVE when it kicks in at 53 secs in, amazing, but I think theres room for a build up to it? The vocal peice in it kind of phases it out, so I cant really tell if there's one in there? I think it might need just a LITTLE tweeking with the EQ with the lead? The bass is phat!
  12. Wow, cant wait to hear the finished product, This has promise, agree with a lot of the feedback, rather then having one song after the other play try and mix them into each other a lot more, makes it more fun to listen to and pick out all the parts. at 3 mins in I could TOTALLY picture a dark sounding choir coming into the mix.
  13. Like yer stuff :) just checked you out

  14. Its cool where you took this, I think you could use a little more reverb with the lead maybe? Other then that I love it Maybe a bit more kick in the drums to and play with the EQ on the drums while your at it just to pull em' forward a bit? I nknow its finished by figure some advice might come in handy? Great song, will be downloading it if you dont mind
  15. Version 1.2 is up! Added a fair bit more, and polished it up a bit. Nothing negetive or positive guys? Feedback really does matter alot to me so please, if you take the time to listen please comment Here you go! V1.2!
  16. What program are you using? I think a big issue is the samples your using or the refills? This is an improvemrn though. I'd suggest playing around with the arrangement some more also, to make it more your own
  17. Daaamn, love that beat! Love what you did with this, made it your own but its still has that video game feel which I love and I think is lost alot of the time with many remixes
  18. hey buddy hope you been keeping well? :D also check out my latest wip, i think ive gotten better? :)

  19. Grrr! I LOVE the source song sooo much! Done about 5 mixes but this is the first im really proud of Its a TOTAL WIP! I plan to extend it by about another minute, Need as much critique as I can get please! Inspired by the original Besaid theme, and KabukiBear from YouTube, and his amazing Besaid guitar cover. Sorry if the quality is shite, I really need a better way of converting my songs from reason. Any advice would be awesome on that front Thanks SO much in advance for your critique in advance guys I took alot of liberties with changing some of the keys, I hope no one minds? Edit: Come on guys Please post some critique. Gettin' needy here -Source Songs- V1.0 V1.2
  20. I hate outing people. but, I think some of you have the right to know, there is a girl on youtube, who has, in the past had numorious accounts, and changes accounts upon being outed by others, but basically, she is taking published remixes, and WIP's and and posting them on her channel, and claiming them as her own, I know this, because I have delt with this girl in the past, and found out through others, what she is doing, and to be honest, i forgot all about her, until, I found one of my own WIP's of Zeal from Chrono Trigger on her channel. From what I know, her name is Cindy, and she has had at least 3 channels, where on being found out, she closes the channel, vanishes for a few months, then comes back, uploading others remixes along side her own covers. http://www.youtube.com/user/xLightningxLita I suggest you all take a look, and look out for friends, and your own songs.
  21. Thanks for the tips guys! Got some more done, twards the end of this next part is a bit BLAH but like I first said posting as I progress. Took alot on board to the suggestions your all giving and I think it is all sounding better for it so thankyou a ton!!! I changed the pad and ditched the chip tune in the intro also thanks to Melody I finially figured out how to use the Automation feature in Reason, lol. (Told ya I was a noob) I sorted out ALOT of the EQ issues from the first few WIPs and hpefully it all sounds smoother, an they synths dont clash so much. I want to do more with the drums next, add some dely here and there. Fist thing first is, I need more ideas on where to take the mix, more variations of the source melody maybe? More X? Or moe X-2? Hmmm.Suggestions please Her's the latest WIP, also I am now posting the latest WIPs on my original post if thats easier for some of you to get an idea of how its comming along!
  22. Took what you said and put it into practice! Still havent found an effect for the chiptune Im happy with. Now the hard part, I havent decided what to add next to he song! any suggestions would be amazing! Heres the latest WIP, still super short but hopefully one of you guys can help me out!
  23. Kinda with you on this, I thought the piano sounded lovely and very real, it was also very expressive, though normally your mixes tend to pull out more emotion then this did Cant wait to see where you take it
  24. I love the trem strings in the begining, the percs sound like they ned pulling forward a bit maybe, could you also link the source? I'd love to see what inspired this! Oh, maybe top up a LITTLE on the reverb, it all seem t just cut out a little short for me
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