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  1. Good morning, or good afternoon where ever you may be! "New Game +" is a web series in the works, created by professional artists, animators, voice actors and screen writers. We are currently working hard to create a pilot episode that will then launch our kickstarter for a complete series. New Game + will be a comedy series based in a world where all genres of games co exist, think "Drawn Together" meets "wreck it Ralph" We are seeking a song writer to help us get the series launched. This will be purely pro bono up until the kickstarter is up and running, if we are successful and we are we are happy enough with your production you will have an opportunity to join our team, paid, to work on the complete series. We require songs that relate to the generic stereotypes of the gaming universe, IE epic battle themes, vintage chip tunes, dramatic themes, eerie locations background music, happy village themes and so on. If you have any general questions please post them within this thread, but to apply, please send me a private message. Once the role is filled I will notify all applicants.
  2. Tydin


    Just a fun project I worked on for about 6 months on and off. The concept is "what is Shiva was a fire summon instead of ice" Shiva from Final fantasy X mainly Theres a couple details I missed out on, so pretty sure I'll go back to it one day But for now here she is.
  3. The percussion does seem to have a few issues with latency as stated above, but this is sounding VERY promising again, as stated above lol. My only advice it the EQ'ing could use some tweeking in the first half of the song, an also around 2.55 the harp panned to the left (or the right not sure if my headphones were in the correct ears)really could do with being less single sided and could benefit with some more eq'ing and tinkering with the reverb. I think that could really make it sound more empowered especially if you maybe up the bass a bit with some more variety around that part. also possibly might be worth playing with some more samples for the harp as it feels like its very synthetic while trying to sound legit. Ill be following this one! great work!
  4. Will be adding another minute or so to the final version. Just need some critique as it stands so far please. I have a lot of trouble humanizing my mixes without the use of a midi keyboard but I'm hoping I have nailed it. Any tips would be great! Also wondering there is too much reverberation? Done in reason 5 alone, point and click! Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qPtuOfQbyI Think it might need something else added to it in terms of instruments? Or keep it as a piano solo? Thanks guys!!!
  5. Thank you kindly I'm glad someone enjoyed it.
  6. Literally just for fun, but it's finished. Hope you guys enjoy it. Short and sweet.
  7. It's cute, I'll give you that, feels like it needs something else though, the source is just TOO obvious and repetitive. For this, I would PERSONALLY think about mixing in maybe some of Rikku's theme. I know from experience they mix well. Also maybe tinker with a few key changes. Also I think the reverb on the lead sounds a little funny in places? What program are you using
  8. Literally just a quick question, I read somewhere that reason 5's Regroove is great for humanising tracks, I've never used it for its intended purpose as I tend to place the notes in the manner that I know I want without the assistance of Regroove to get the groove I want. But using it to humanise a track? Is this wise? What experiences have you reason users had with this? Any advice or tips? Keep in mind I'm very much a self taught novice with mixing so I hope you're patient with me.
  9. I recently posted the latest version of my remix of the Bowser Medley if you wanna check it out :)

  10. No worries. Had to check. XD

  11. LOL so sorry posted on the wrong profile XD

  12. And what stuff would that be, exactly?

  13. LOL dont be silly its down to taste, and if youre not that keen on easy listening thats understandable Cheers for the flute info! Can't wait to hear your next update
  14. I NEED those flute samples! lol. so good. Sounds great! I LOVE when it kicks in at 53 secs in, amazing, but I think theres room for a build up to it? The vocal peice in it kind of phases it out, so I cant really tell if there's one in there? I think it might need just a LITTLE tweeking with the EQ with the lead? The bass is phat!
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