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kirby's Dreamland - Mount Dedede

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I was recently playing this game, and remembered this kind of remix I did last year. I Basically took a midi that I found and just had a lot of fun with it. But I got to thinking, Maybe I can make this in to something awesome! So I guess I'm here looking for tip/pointers. I don't have much composition experience, but yeah any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Also, If this sparks anyone's interest, and would like to collaborate. I think that would be really cool!

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whoa, treble overload.

How many cymbals are you playing at the same time? i.e. the drumming is unrealistic. Not necessarily (holy shit when the song ended my ears opened up) a bad thing, but if you're playing live and trying to go for realism you outta know.

The mixing is pretty mucky, the low ends tend to blur with one another and the kick gets pretty lost in it. The drums could use more fillers and change up.

I do like the energy of the piece though. It isn't overly long which is nice, but you to have a static progression which makes it a little repetitive. If you could get someone to fix up the composition with some change ups or breakdowns, I can see this being really good.

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Tune is good. I like where this could end up.

Engineering needs work - it all sounds a bit muddy. Too many of the sounds in are in the high end. I would EQ out the very top end anyway - if just to take the harshness away if listening through cans. Drums should punch through more - chuck some EQ/compression on them as well as some exciter maybe? Bass and keyboard sounds are lost in here but could sort that with some side chain EQ and compression.

I think once you get the mix sorted out this will sound decent.

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