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Banned from #ocremix (rejoined a lot)

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Hi I'd like to request unban from #ocremix. I joined but my IRC was having problems, and didn't even realize that it had started working. By then, it kept quitting me out and rejoining me, so a mod probably banned me. Username should've been something like Audity. Sounds right.

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Hi I love you

I added your voice to the end of my old video:


I'm still having serious, serious IRC issues -- with other servers too, such as speedrunslive.com, and all the servers that I really love. It's really awful, makes no sense, a.k.a. for no reason; and I've been having to use some website-integrated Mibbit Widget on speedrunslive.com since February. ISP didn't help at all, none of my genius friends (not sarcasm) know anything about it, I'm not technically challenged (too much) so I've tried tons of troubleshoots to no avail. I'm kind of bad at proxies though, and actually internet connections knowledge in general, sort of. Somehow this "Mibbit Widget" works for the speedrunslive.com server, which is really odd. Even going to mibbit.com itself doesn't make it work!! Maybe the Mibbit Widget (for srl.com) uses a proxy...? And there's now the topical new issue happening, i.e. #ocremix has that problem where I join (via Pidgin IRC) and I eventually get into the channel, when I'm lucky, only to be kicked out soon. (And all the while, mIRC doesn't allow anything to work at all. I.e. I can't join the channel, at all. ...I.E.)


But anyway, really I was wondering if there was someone named "Xerol" in the chat. I saw that he has one of my WIPs, in a WINAMP Generated Playlist. It's a remix of "Testament" I made years ago, from Xenosaga 3. But a HDD crash caused me to lose a TON of my self-made music. I will maybe go make a thread eventually on the WIP boards. Basically any source of this community's people would be wonderful for me to have so I can ask around, if anyone has music/arrangements by me.

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