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Final Fantasy VII - Prelude + Opening Bombing Mission [ROCK/METAL]


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I absolutely LOVE this track from ff7, one of my favourites ever.

I didn't re-arranged it from scrap, I used my new mixing method and I made a 6 strings guitar version of the 7 strings arrangement originally made by Bulb (Haunted Shores) which is almost perfect to me. I hope you like my rendition :)

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you're better than me at guitar, but the playing sounds a little too dirty for me as far as the articulations go, and the delay and reverb doesn't help that...i'd say pick easier songs or practice it more first...

it sounds better once everything comes in because a big arrangement covers up individual tracks. the rhythm guitar is played fine, it's just the "harp" part that needs work. and I know how hard that part is because i attempted playing it the other day so kudos for even being able to tackle it at all.

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Thanks for the comment!

I usually don't like my finished tracks, I always found something that bothers me, but frankly not this time...

I like how the arpeggios section came out, it doesn't sound dirty to me. I used a very low crunch overdrive in that section not to screw up everything with distortion. As for delay/reverb I tryed to emulate the effect of the original track.

Oh yes, I should practice more, I agree on that


Thanks for watching and comment :)

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