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So i got a ps3...what do i do with it?

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Tales of Xillia is releasing in just over a week now and with sony saying they have no plans to drop the price of the PS3 even after the release of the PS4 I'm now wondering if I should just pick up the system with the game anyway.

To make things worse than they already are I've noticed that there seems to be no official VGA cable for the system and all of the resources I have found online are arguing against HDMI to VGA conversion. Though I guess if you talk about converting anything to anything else you are going to pick up a good share of haters along the way. The only thing I have right now is a 12 year old CRT monitor and in no way will I be able to get a new one just for a PS3.

To sum this up, I want to play ToX, I don't want to spend almost a grand to do so.

Am i screwed?


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you don't have a television at all but you want to play it via analog monitor instead?

ps3: 300$ (i see slims used for 200$ all the time)

game: 60$

monitor with HDMI or dvi connection: 125$ (a 19" widescreen 16:9 monitor would be perfect).

where does a grand come from? you could do this for 400$ if you're willing to buy used. alternatively, hdmi to vga ain't that bad (look for a dvi to vga converter, and strap an hdmi to dvi on the other side...you can get them from various sites for cheap, monoprice has several that are a good price).

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followup: so i have played a few games so far.

uncharted 3 was good, but i didn't think it stood up as well to other games in that genre. in particular, a newer game (Tomb Raider) just blows it out of the water. tacking on Chloe at the beginning and Elena at the end highlighted how much worse the plot was as compared to Uncharted 2, and the game kind of devolved into a run-and-gun by the end. not to mention charlie was brought in as this great bro character but then he disappears for literally the entire last half of the game. i didn't feel it held up well as a shooter compared to the other games, but maybe that's just favorable memories. either way it was still an entertaining and exciting game - just not the showstopper that U2 was.

valkyria chronicles is an interesting take on strategy. i really got a bad vibe at first, which didn't make a ton of sense given the tight feel and frankly beautifully animated battle areas, and i think it's because i want it to be FFT HD and not something else. they aren't even close enough to compare so i'm not sure why i get that. i don't like the inefficiency of the running (i waste a lot of ap) and the drawn-out cutscenes or bad actors (WELKIN), but a successful strategy feels good. i don't know if i'll finish it though honestly.

i'm playing The Last of Us right now. i generally don't like survival horror games, but this one compares favorably to Enslaved (one of my favorite games this generation) and the voice acting is stunning. controls aren't too tight which is a downer, and i don't like freaky games normally (i almost put down the original uncharted when the shotgun sequences started in the last third of the game), but the quality on this one is so evident i want to keep playing it.

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This was mentioned once before, but 3D dot game heroes is a fantastic top-down 3D Zelda clone. Definitely worth picking up, but make sure to save a lot because it has a tendency to crash during really long playthroughs.

i got that, having played a few minutes of it before. poking around with it occasionally now.

i never was a fan of zelda but it's still a fun game, and i love voxels =D

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