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  1. 1. Quote (Cave Story) 2. Spyro 3. Banjo & Kazooie
  2. I'm putting in another vote for Shadow Complex. Definitely one of the better metroidvanias out there.
  3. I've always wanted to contribute to OCR, and I was finally able to summon up the courage to submit the song I have been working on for the last 5 years entitled "garbagetext.txt.mp3". I just knew that Judgenator would be capable of impartially evaluating my "jazz take on Ice Cap", and I was not disappointed. Judgenator even recognized my "aromatic prelude". Thank you OCR, thank you.
  4. This was mentioned once before, but 3D dot game heroes is a fantastic top-down 3D Zelda clone. Definitely worth picking up, but make sure to save a lot because it has a tendency to crash during really long playthroughs.
  5. At first I thought "unisonant" wasn't actually a word, but it seems I was mistaken. You learn something new every day...
  6. Gosh, I'm a week late for my yearly avatar-thread-check and look what happens. That'll show me.
  7. Ajax

    Dota 2

    I find that the best quick keys for items for me are Tab, F and spacebar, this allows you to keep your hands right around qwer while still having a few items nearby for quick activation. If you have a mouse with more than three buttons, you can assign items to them as well.
  8. Now I just may have comprehended this part wrong, but I can see no situation where 5% + $50 will ever be less than just $50. More on topic: those are some pretty good rigs with great specs and very reasonable prices.
  9. I genuinely enjoyed the third game, despite it's flaws, and would love to see some kind of conclusion to the series.
  10. I had none of these games. Now I have all of them. Chances are I will play none of them. Well done, humble bundle. Well done.
  11. I don't mind the lack of custom avatars, as it makes it so that the existing avatars are all consistent, and similarly sized. What I do mind is that it has been over a year and 5 months since I posted that VVVVVV avatar (want want want want want want). Anywho, back to lurking. LT: Back to lurking. We'll see when you notice your avatar change.
  12. Ajax

    Dota 2

    Looks like more waves of invites are going out, and "the most active Dota 2 players" are also getting additional invites to give out (I got a couple, lol). Check your email etc, etc.
  13. Ajax

    Dota 2

    Which is what makes it so hard to balance him. While I haven't played invoker in years, I do remember having a fun time mauling people with giant flaming meteoroids. I'm also really liking that they haven't implemented a concede function. It seems people are now more willing to stick it out, and don't just give up at 15 min if things are looking bad. I played witch doctor in a 4v5 where we were able to eventually win despite an incredibly farmed sand king and a mediocre pudge who left at lvl 8.
  14. Ajax

    Dota 2

    I remember when naix used to be incredibly imbalanced. At one point he was a str hero who had an unbelievable agi gain per levelup, ridiculous lifesteal and on-attack debuff that made escape impossible. As soon as you bought him some strength items he could wreck the enemy team single-handedly. Well I finally got my invite and I am looking forward to some serious death match shenanigans. EDIT: Oh wait, they haven't implemented "Deathmode" yet. Ho hum.
  15. Yeah, I am just being facetious, but I do tend to find that S2 is more willing to er on the side of being overpowered when they roll out new heroes, with the intent of eventually nerfing/tweaking/balancing them after the community have had time to adjust.
  16. Their response is usually to just continue releasing more broken heroes to level the playing field.
  17. Ajax

    Dota 2

    I'm quoting my last post because it still entirely sums up my opinion of DotA 2, with the addendum that if they don't implement DM, then I most likely won't buy the game (or at the very least I will wait for one of those crazy Steam sales). If they were really trying to appeal to oldschool DotA players, they would turn you into a sheep for a second every time you accidentally targeted one of your allies
  18. I semi-recently got a new personal best time of 1:06 on Super Metroid with 100% items. I absolutely love the Metroid series, though I have yet to beat the original Metroid and Metroid 2.I just cant keep all of those near identical rooms straight in my memory and inevitably get lost.
  19. I played too much VVVVVV and all I got was On a more serious note, I doubt I will ever be able to top that time again.
  20. Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite VG composer, hands down.
  21. My hopes are not up yet... but that wont stop me from buying this when it comes out.
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