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Megaman: Revenge of the Fallen fangame preview thread.


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Hey everyone! I feel the game has progressed to the point that I can show it off to folks. Furthermore, I figured the general discussion forum would be the best placed to put it. So without further adieu, I will paste the info dump about the game:

Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen is a fan-made sequel to the Mega Man franchise created by DarkFlameWolf (the game, not the franchise). It was built utilizing the Game Maker Pro ver. 8.1 engine from the ground up from the shell framework of Megaman Rocks; another fan-made sequel by Eric Ruth.

The game starts off with Mega Man being summoned after several Robot Masters from the past are laying siege to the city and are stealing robot schematics and plans from the central Robot Museum. Mega Man warps there only to find that he is too late and that Knight Man (apparently Dr. Wily’s new right-hand man) succeeded in stealing robot data to be cloned and used. We then get to the stage selection screen proper where there is an unusual number of 10 Robot Masters to tackle compared to the traditional 8.

The current beta is being run through by testers and the estimated release date is slated to be in the winter timeframe 2013, most likely before the 25th anniversary of Mega Man ends.


-20 levels

-11 robot master weapons

-10 upgrades (include 3 Rush forms)

-21 collectable tank pieces

-Optional secret uber boss

-Post-game 100 room challenge

-Two potential endings







Promo Video:

You can check out the game homepage over at rpgmaker.net here at this address and keep up to date on it:


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Looks pretty awesome so far. The bosses new attack patterns are going to throw me for a loop, seeing as how I'm so used to their original patterns. And the obstacles look really well designed. Looking forward to this :D

This sums up my opinion, but I hope to god that's just filler music and not the actual soundtrack

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You dang right that is just a placeholder, it was merely music for the promo video. That is all. For the final game, we will be using updated tracks of the original 8bit tunes used for each of the stages. So a cross between the two.

As far as information goes, we now have a facebook page!


Go check it out and give it a like! This is obviously a lesser known MM fan game, mainly because not a single gaming sight as bothered to mention it. Regardless, when it is done, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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This is the final trailer and first 'official' I am releasing for the game. It is so close to completion, its not even funny. But a lot of polish and testing still needs to be done! Wish us luck to try and make it before the final deadline of Dec 17, 2013! Or we've busted the 25th anniversary of Megaman! Enjoy the vid and be sure to visit our fan page on facebook at:


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