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  1. Little late here, but happy birthday dooder!
  2. I feel like my body was ready for MAGFest this year. I haven't been struck with post MAG depression, I've dodged the MAGFlu, and even the Briggs Effect wasn't nearly as painful this time around. I'd say the biggest "consequence" of MAG this year is my sleep schedule being thrown off.
  3. Looks pretty awesome so far. The bosses new attack patterns are going to throw me for a loop, seeing as how I'm so used to their original patterns. And the obstacles look really well designed. Looking forward to this
  4. Not even god himself can stop me from attending MAGFest 12. I'll be there for sure!
  5. So after playing for two days straight I finally finished The Last of Us. I must say that Naughty Dog has really outdone themselves with this one. I played through the Uncharted games and never truly felt a sense or urgency, that there was a chance that I was going to die in whatever section of the game I was in. The Last of Us had me on the edge of my seat in even the earliest encounters. The intensity of trying to sneak past a pack of clickers, or even attempting to outsmart a wave of bandits always felt like a challenge, and made me feel like one small mistake would result in some terrible consequences. The story of the game is much improved from Uncharted, as well. It seemed like a very nice mixture of The Walking Dead and The Happening (not one of my favorite movies but whatever). My favorite part of the story is that it doesn't center around one main antagonist or anything. It really is a tale of survival against everything, and the medium that it was told in only enhances the plot. It was a game experience that I won't soon forget, and any PS3 owner owes it to themselves to play it.
  6. When I was in elementary school, my at-the-time best friend and I were really into Digimon. We were so into Digimon that we made our own Digi-Destined. I wanted to name mine Jim, but I wanted to spell it in a very different way, to which my friends sister came up with the spelling J-E-H-M. She also came up with the last name Falking, which I somehow misread as Faulking. And that is the origin story of Jehm Faulking.
  7. I've recently started streaming games on twitch, both on my own and as a guest on Ben Briggs' stream. I do mostly older games, kind of in the same style as Ben, but I also do more current games like Dark Souls and Left 4 Dead 2 with friends. I also try to bring attention to lesser known or overlooked games, like Alundra or Threads of Fate. The only issue I have right now is that I usually stream later in the evening (starting anywhere from 8:00 PM EST or midnight, and going until as early as 4:00 AM EST), but that is going to hopefully change soon. If you want to join the shenanigans, the page is Right now I'm focused on streaming Threads of Fate, Dark Souls, and completing Blaster Master for the first time. Also, Ben Briggs and I are trying to start a team on twitch called Insert Coin Theatre, kind of in the same way that Speed Runs Live is a team, only we will be doing more comedic gaming as opposed to speed running.
  8. I haven't made much of any progress as I've been occupied with other stuff. I'm actually about to start playing if anyone else is on (this will also help with that whole "adding friends" thing since you both need to be online for that to happen)
  9. Today's your birthday! Here's a song for you to enjoy on this most birthy of days.
  10. I just registered last night. User name is JehmFaulking, the character name is just Jehm. Does it matter which Pokemon ROM you use, or does everyone have to use the same one in order to be in the same area? (I have no idea how this works)
  11. Reading Jess's letter in Alundra. This game does such a remarkable job of creating believable characters, and so many people die in this game it's ridiculous. I still cry whenever I reach this part of the game, even though I know whats coming.
  12. Katamari Damacy. Thought it looked pretty meh at first, but soon found out that it's the best game ever.
  13. I just remembered that I beat Mega Man X 6 once. It was such a bad experience I forgot that I actually finished it.
  14. I once beat the first Star Tropics. Good game, but super frustrating at times. If i remember correctly, my roommates stopped watching me play it out of fear that a flying controller would get a little too intimate with their face. I also made it to the Technodrome on the first TMNT for NES. I can't imagine putting myself through that again.