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*N/A* Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden 'Hybrid Song 2:20 Funky Stars Guitar Cover'

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Original name : Title Theme

Game: Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

My version: Hybrid Song Cover

Remixer name: Master Ceddy

Real name: Cedrick Daniel Halley


Username: MasterCeddy


And I warn you guys. Don't do like you did to Chris Klein a.k.a Vertexguy the first time he went to your website.

I didn't just add drums and guitars to my remix. I worked as hard as anyone. Playing real instruments is the shit.

Don't fuck around.


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Definitely love cynics PRE-EMPTIVELY complaining. :-)

Let's get something very clear: with all respect to vertexguy, we were justified in rejecting those old covers many years ago; they were short, undeveloped, minimally interpretive, not particularly personalized, and not mixed well.

We also HAVE a posted ReMix by Chris, because it was everything those old submission were not, i.e. mixed well, and more interpretive. He didn't have to compromise his approach to music in order to get posted: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02027/

There are such things as interpretive covers, covers that are well-performed and demonstrate a unique interpretation of the source music, and we love to post them.

Some things with your arrangement: The guitar performance is cool. The percussion was OK, but the writing was on the bland side, and it didn't quite gel with the rest of your performance. For the backing pattern, you might as well have just taken a MIDI and put some better samples on it; it sounds too close to the original "Funky Stars" with little interpretation. At least you have some parts where the guitar doubles it, and you have some original writing involved as well, so that goes in the right direction of making the arrangement more interpretive; but it's not enough in that direction.

In any case, it's not a bad track, but would need to be developed further for what we're looking for.

HOWEVER, it's not actually eligible in the first place to be submitted, because the original song is not from music originally created for a video game.

1. Submissions can arrange music from any video, computer, or arcade game, with the following qualifications:

* The music must have been composed specifically for the game or first published (or recognized) as the game's soundtrack. Movie themes such as Star Wars or licensed songs from games like Gran Turismo do not qualify.

Apart from being an original demoscene song made in January 1996 that wasn't created for Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, the song being used in a Worms 2 cracktro doesn't mean it was created for an original video game soundtrack. That would be like ripping the Blu-ray of Games of Thrones, adding in your own cracktro with music promoting the fact that you ripped it, and then claiming the song used was part of the Game of Thrones television soundtrack.

Cracktro music is ineligible to be arranged for OC ReMix, so even if the arrangement were all sorts of amazing and fit the standards, we couldn't accept this track.

That said, you're not warning anyone about anything. :lol: Get over yourself, stupidly claiming that we either "don't get" your music or are too biased against XYZ genre/styles to post your music. You clearly don't listen to what's posted at all, or you'd realize that we have plenty of music with live musicians, whether it's rock, metal, jazz, piano, acoustic guitar, or orchestral. So to claim we discourage live musicians is hilariously ignorant.

Also, calling one of our moderators a "faggot" means you're immature. We've had people acting even douchier than you eventually come to understand that they were being stupid. If you get over yourself and grow up, we'd be more than happy to hear another submission from you.

Don't fuck around. - Larry

NO Override

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