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Skyrim Main Theme - Blodeuyn Chernobyl Remix


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Hey Everyone!

I decided to share my new Remix of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's Main theme. It's Techno/electronic So bear with me.


I'm interested to hear what people think, I tried to stick near the main theme as much as possible, while adding a catchy piece to it. This isn't off a MIDI, It's all from scratch.

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-_g8NZr1tA

Thanks! Can't wait to hear what people think!

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Aww, no worries about genre discrimination here - we rain on the electro lovers and acoustic addicts alike, here. :nicework:

You have some really cool sweeps in this track, and seem to have a good deal of control over your effects. However, the sound scape is very cluttered in this track, and I hear clipping everywhere when most of the instruments are playing at once. Your instruments all use the same frequency range, which in turn causes them to all fight for the space, to which it sounds like you've increased the volume of the instruments to make it easier to hear them (which has done the opposite). I'd suggest either fewer instruments, or change your instrumentation around a bit - use synths or samples that don't sound so similar to one another to make them stand out without raising the volume as much. When you do that, turn off your limiter (if you're using one) and lower the volume of your tracks until it's not clipping anymore, then work on raising your volumes from there.

The arrangement knows to drop out from time to time in order to give some variety & allow for some breathing room, which is good. The sections with the source do sound pretty conservative for the site, though, if you were planning on posting it sometime (which, since you've requested a mod review, I'm assuming you are). You have some other cool music on your channel - don't be afraid to insert some of your personality into the theme, here.

The production issues are pretty large ones, though, and with electronic music the production is very important. Work on getting your levels straightened out, and try to use instruments that don't sound so similar so that the whole track becomes clearer.

Good luck!

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