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"Garage Talk" Ridge Racer Type 4 remix


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Pretty cool soundscape! Sounds chillout to me.

Some things I noticed:

The pad coming in at 0:04 seems to have come in rather quickly. Can you try fading it in a little bit more gradually?

The piano at 0:19 sounds a little bit thin in the timbre, and the velocities could be fine-tuned a bit more to make it sound more realistic, considering how many of the other timbres you have are organic. Sweet vintage bass, btw.

The drums fit well, and I think the timbres are polished enough for the most part. The 0:32 pseudo-wobble with the vintage filter is really neat (almost like that of a Yamaha CS-80), and I wish you inserted more of that type of ear-candy. It would make this even more intriguing.

At 0:40, although I like the bass sound quite a bit, it's either too upfront (i.e. too loud) or the mids are too boosted. Judging from the timbre and how well it fits in other parts of the mix, I think it's on the loud side just here, in terms of velocities.

The little resonant lead at 0:48 is pretty cool too; it's just a little too resonant right now, and hurts my ears a bit. I would hope there's a resonance knob on your synth that you can turn down for that particular sound (pretty much every synth has that knob).

The piano at 0:50 is less exposed than it was at 0:19 and 1:17, so even if you didn't do anything with it there, I wouldn't complain, as the mechanical velocities and apparent tone are not so obvious there.

Lastly, this should be longer. Why? Because it's awesome.

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