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Any good violin sounds?

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Ok first of all I checked out the search engine on this but that got me nowhere. So anyway....

I am looking for different "good" sounding violin sounds. I use FL Studio and the violin in there now sounds pitiful. Seriously it does....

I would appreciate it if someone could re direct me to some place for some good ol violin sounds.:)


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Please specify your budget. East West samples probably has the best violin samples available.


There are also Gold and Silver editions if you don't have $$$$ to spend. However, platinum has several mic positions, and the sample quality is very high. In addition to string samples, EWQL offers a complete orchestra set of samples.

If you have no money, there are several good soundfonts I would look for. Squidfont and cadenza strings are great (they might still be downloadable some places). For solo strings, look for Florestan string quartet.

Also Propellerheads Reason has a pretty decent orchestral set (not nearly as good as EWQL, but better than a lot of soundfonts). You can get the education version of Reason for under $200 (but if you have the money I would really go for EWQL Silver; they're much better samples).

If you have a high speed connection, you can download a large package of decent soundfonts from Sir Nuts' ftp (>500 mb zipped, string, flutes, vocals, and more). I'm not going to link it because he might have bandwidth restrictions, but you can PM him about it. All the soundfonts in the zip are free, but they may be hard to find on the internet.

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