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  1. Broken Sword series are a nice mix of adventure of humour. Monkey Island, Grim Fadango, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle are all must-haves for adventure gamers.
  2. So are you saying you want orchestral, classical music or are you saying you want rock/trance/other genre with a classical influence to it.
  3. I don't think it's clipping, there are much louder parts later which don't crackle at all. What I don't understand is, even when I re-render it still crackles at this part. Here is the 2 sec im referring to
  4. Hey Justus. This is some really great music you submitted here, I think it's probably my favourite I've found on this site so far. Very expressive with a great sense of musicality. We need more of these kind of pieces on this site. I'm looking forward to any other ReMixes you may do.
  5. I thought the vocals were really nice. I guess the only issue that I had was that the drums felt really out of place in the track. When the drum groove changed near the end, that felt much, much better and natural, I wish the whole song could've been more similar to that.
  6. Yea, if you submit it the way it is, I'm sure the judges will just say that it is just a rip of the original with different instruments, I've seen many decisions like that. The problem is, basically, all it is is a single percussion line with different instruments alternating playing the single main theme. You have to do a lot more stuff like playing around with the melody, harmony, just basically making it more musical. Of course, it's a good start and the instruments don't sound bad or anything, just take that to the next level with the actual arrangement. Also...I'm pretty sure it's not from Super Mario World.
  7. Ooh....the part at 1:14 would sound so great with staccatos from the basses, without any bass support it sounds empty and thin. That problem seems to continue for quite a bit.
  8. Heh, actually, I had a remix of these two in the works. Right now I kind of postponed it to work on a Syberia mix. Just thought I'd mention that seeing how it's quite a coincidence that I had a remix of exactly what you're asking for (Tubelectric and Medivo)
  9. Well uh zircon already responded to this but I'll just end by saying there's quite a few hard piano pieces that I can play well with my Casio but is just too taxing when trying to play on my real piano. Piano technique is more then moving your hands fast, it's also dynamics, finger strength, which is obviously connected to the touch of the keys. It's best to get used to them instead of adjusting to them. But why not just cut to a simpler answer - the most obvious reason as to why it matters is because it's far closer to the feel of the instrument he is trying to learn..... Of course everything I say is from the perspective of taking lessons and learning technique from classical music. If you want to just be a keyboardist for a band, well....
  10. The problem that I have with this is that like someone else says, it feels like it's leading to something, but that something never seems to arrive. And when there is a bit of variation, the old motif returns quickly. I think having more variation in this track would help.
  11. Nonono. If you want to learn piano, you cannot have a synth action keyboard. What Overcoat said can applying to remixing, not learning piano. Also, while you're at it, you may want to get M-Audio's piano-like pedal rather then those "click" sustain pedals. If you want to learn piano the weighted action is important. Practicing on light keys will get you accustomed to them, it's important to be able to practice on them. I have a Keystation 88es. I do not reccomend it for learning piano. It's a much better investment to just save up a bit more money and buy something better. The 88es might be okay for using as a controller, but completely sucks learning piano. Every week I spend hours practicing on it, then during my lessons I have to re-adjust to the actual piano action and get used to it again.
  12. Using either DOSBox (as Overcoat said) or VDMSsound (which is what I use), you can. Also I have an Audiophile 24/96, so the Creative thing won't work.
  13. Basically, is there a program that can, say, record the final output of your soundcard? THe reason would be something like recording music from a DOS game as a .wav, etc. ANd to provide a source tune for DOS games with no MIDI's available when submitting.
  14. Is giving me a headache. I've read the instructions and thought I had gotten the grasp of it but I think I just messed myself up even more. What i want to to do is change mod wheel data to CC11 (expression) data. There's a preset in there, I think, but I'm not sure as of how to change it to CC11.
  15. What the hell? He's asking for someone to collaborate with him on a remix. Do you think all the other collab remixers and people in the live performer offer thread here were paid too? Save the philosophy for later please.
  16. It's really not a question you can answer. I mean I use some $65 logitech speakers, but then zircon above me uses cheap headphones. Mixes will sound different on both of ours. And then another person here might listen to music on his ipod. Again, I don't think you should get too caught up on how it sounds on other machines. What I do personally is listen to a lot of different music on my speakers that I've heard elsewhere, so you get used to the sound of your speakers. No. Again, if you have lots of other songs in similar styles of yours, you can just compare your songs to theirs using your own speakers to guage what sounds "right" ( and again, listening to lots of songs will make this second nature)
  17. The pros and semi-pros use reference monitors to ensure they're hearing their stuff accurately. High quality headphones would be passable. Good studio monitors are very expensive, hundreds of dollars, though you can get some passable M-Audio ones for $200-300. I wish I had them, but I keep spending my paycheques on sample libraries instead of saving for some good monitors..... I wouldn't get too caught up in it.....I went through this same thing and I was getting so paranoid about how my mixes sounded on headphones, so I altered it a bit then that made it sound bad on regular speakers so I....etc...
  18. If anyone plays clarinet here and would be willing to help me with just a quick single line of music, please PM me.
  19. I was like that a few months ago. After a while that sort of drive fell and now all I make is originals and I dislike doing remixes.
  20. Get this book. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0879307277/102-7559526-9087315?v=glance&n=283155 Seriously, it is really great if you have some sort of musical experience with you. It doesn't treat you like an idiot, and as long as you actually put effort into it and practice each excercise fully, it is really the best out of all the "learn the piano" books. I got enough money saved up for decent classical piano lessons next season, so I bought this book to learn as much of it on my own as I could so I wouldn't be wasting any time with the basics, and it is really great for that.
  21. It's not the soundcard, look at your RAM. 128mb may have problems, 256mb will be okay for soundfonts, and more, like 512-1gb, will be hassle free. But I don't see why soundfonts would cause any issues with RAM. Yes you can load multiple soundfonts, but it'd help to know what programs you're using. If you mean for loading soundfonts or VSTs, look above. Depends on how high your budget can go.
  22. Looking around, I'm seeing a generally good response about the KRK RP5/6s. I think I'm going to go with these. Thanks for help.
  23. Does he use the less expensive ones (5-6) or the higher-priced ones?
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