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Mega Man XA is an alternative retelling of the original Mega Man X--somewhat of a "reboot", if you will. The entirely fictional game contains the same basic characters and premise of the original, but with a different plot. This album is the imagined "original soundtrack" to Mega Man XA, featuring the music of several video game music composers arranged by myself into a Mega Man X "style". An essential part of this was my use of the Mega Man X soundfont by Dave Harris. With instruments pulled straight from the original MMX, I aimed to create an authentic-sounding soundtrack using a wide variety of VGM tunes. While the instrumentation and arrangement stay true to the MMX style, I definitely cheated in terms of hardware: my work for MMXA goes beyond the 8-channel limit of the Super Nintendo to provide a "fuller" sound.

A word about the arrangements, some are very arranged, and others will almost sound like transcriptions and stay extremely faithful to their sources. Again, my goal for this project was to create an "original soundtrack"--something suitable to be heard in an alternative MMX. So it really should be thought of that way, instead of an "arranged album". The tracks here loop and fade-out, and there's a full selection of music needed to fill (most) parts of a Mega Man game: intro and ending cutscenes, stage themes, boss battles, etc.

Website (with link to complete mp3 album zip file, includes liner notes and cover art)

Bandcamp page (for lossless audio of your choice as well as streaming)

vgmdb page

Arranger: Joe Schwebke


Mega Man X Soundfont: Dave Harris


Album Artwork: The Coop


Please enjoy the album! Leave your comments below. Tell me about your favorite track!

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This was a very pleasant listen. I absolutely love the Mega Man games on the Snes and I enjoy pretty much all the music from the games. Alright so here are the few comments I wrote down while listening to your album.

Introduction: The first fifty seconds sound too long and a bit repetitive to my taste and I think it could be cut down by half. The rest is very nice though.

Prologue Stage: I really enjoyed that song. So far it's my favorite.

Stage Select : It's ok but I think it's lacking a big drum beat, as it is I don't think/feel Mega Man stage select when I hear it.

Venom Viper: This sounds like a boss battle theme in my opinion.

Maverick Battle : Sounds like it could be used when X confronts Vile or when you have a dialogue talking to Sigma or something like that.

Wild Ranger : I'm really enjoying this one as well. It's a contender for favorite.

Dr. Light : This theme fits its purpose very well. I can picture Dr. Light telling X to enter the capsule for a toothbrush upgrade :tomatoface:

Sigma's Fortress -Hangar Approach- : I really like the dark/sinister tone this one sets up for the Sigma Fortress. I am replaying the stage in my head when listening to this and it would fit perfectly.

Sigma's Fortress -Power Facility- : I have mixed feelings as I like about 2/3 of the song but the other third feels as if it was part of another song to me.

Sigma Battle : This one deserves a big beat drum as well.

Sigma Battle -Virus- : I think of Castlevania when I listen to it and the parts like 0:19 to 0:30 reminds me of Act Raiser for some strange reason. I like this!

Epilogue : Didn't feel it at first but at about one minute into the song it is very good, spot on.

Staff Roll : This could also be used as the Epilogue theme. It's very good but the style doesn't feel like a Mega Man Staff Roll song to me. It's not as energetic and upbeat. Usually the Staff Roll sounds more positive or "looking towards tomorrow" type.

Bonus Stage -Genetics Factory- : I think this is from the Nes days now but I don't remember exactly what it is. Is it Dr. Cossack or Mr. X stage 1 or something? Ah, the good old days.

I commend you on your album release. Thank you for sharing this. My favorite remains Prologue Stage and Wild Ranger close second. You did a great job in capturing that Mega Man feeling!

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While I'll admit that I'm not familiar with the source tunes for over half of these remixes, I can still say that I enjoyed the album. Of the songs, my favorites would have to be "Soaring Dragon" (love the harmonies at times), "Burning Lion," "Password" (too bouncy for it's own good :lol:), and "Prologue Stage."

Nice job, man, and glad you liked the artwork.

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