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Hi Everyone,
I thought I'd share something simple that is not film or VGM related. For my 4 film projects I've completed thus far, reference this thread:


My friend plays in a piano duo with his girlfriend and he strongly encouraged me to write something for them. So, I thought about what 2 pianos can do that one can't aside from more notes. This is kind of a musical solution to that. It is a very simply and open sort of a piece which is quite a contrast from other stuff I write but I think it is cool nonetheless. Of course, the antiphonal effect cannot be heard on this recording but it would be greatly enhanced with a proper stereo recording. For the performance the two pianos were beside eachother, one in front of the other. If they were panned right and left, you'd hear all the repeated notes bouncing back and forth. Hopefully I can record this some day!

https://soundcloud.com/paul-levasseur-2/meadows-of-silence-performance (Check it out on soundcloud now.  Same performance / recording)

Maybe you can tell me what this music reminds me of or if you think it would fit in a videogame somewhere. I'm curious what you think.

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Jungle Beats.  Multi Percussion.  Metal, Wood, Djembe, Cajon.    This is a non pitched multi-percussion work that uses rhythm to create a narrative.  The point is to have the same sort of sophisticated forms that are often found with pitch based material.  With all my concert music, Please feel free to PM me for scores.


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Here's an interesting work worth looking at.  I wrote this several years ago while I was in my undergrad and it is one of the few works from then that I am still happy with.  It is called 'anorexic' and it is a setting of a poem by the same name, penned by Eavan Boland.  


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