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Marble Madness Album - Guaging Interest Thread


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So I had this idea in my head a while now, and inspired by Emunator (whose first album was a big hairy 5-disc behemoth...that eats bananas), I decided to try my hand at heading a tiny modest album. Below is the writeup I came up with, if it takes off, I will make the album thread itself.

Marble Madness. A game I sorta liked as a kid, and while it is not my favorite, I like the challenge it gave me. I could NEVER finish that damn Ultimate level...

While looking around on OCR, I've noticed that this game seems underrepresented on OCR, and so I have decided to tackle this game and give it the album treatment, since I remember David HIMSELF saying that he would LOVE to see underrepresented games get more time in the spotlight, and this, I feel, is an underrepresented game.

The soundtrack to the title (we're using the NES version, and I suppose other versions, since they are all the same I think) is somewhat lacking in length, 6-7 songs, and the ending song is not all that long. But we have 6 main level themes. 6 songs...not enough to make an album. How do we solve this? Do any of you remember playing 2 player games with your brother or sister? THIS is how. We have 2 songs per track, Player 1 and Player 2, this makes 12 songs total. and like 2-player games, each player plays it in their own way.

As for a theme, Marble Madness is a pretty strange game in itself when you think about it. I mean, getting shrunk in a later level, running over tiny enemies, mobile acid pools, evil green slinky guys that try to eat you, and an incorpeal janitor all add to the oddness. This is open to all genres, however, in keeping with the oddness, try to add elements one would not expect in your chosen genre. For instance, a trance song doesn't normally have a banjo in it. A jazz piece? Put a dijeridoo in there, an Australian instrument. "Odd" music in itself is welcome too, as long as it follows OCR guidelines

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The SZRC gave me an idea for resurrecting this. The problem, IMO, isn't that it's only 7 songs (which would be enough for an EP), it's that only about half of those songs are long and interesting enough for remix ideas to come easily.

So what if it was a Marble Madness Mashup album? Beginner Race with Marble Zone from Sonic. Practice Race with Aquatic Ambiance from DKC. Or whatever. There's a particular Ultimate Race mashup I've wanted to do for years, and have been holding off on trying until I think my chops are good enough to pull it off. And if there was sufficient interest, this could easily bring it up to the target of two mixes per track.

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Dude, I know this isn't even up for claiming yet, but I LOVE "Intermediate". Totally egyptian and totally up my alley. :D Regardless, I'm probably going to do this track separately on my own time, and if you want it on the album and I actually have it at least partially done, then sure.

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