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Album - SNES Generation


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'SNES Generation is a series of arrangements and covers of modern game music composed to the limitations of the Super Nintendo. Each game is paired with one from the SNES that was either from the same series or they shared similar gameplay and sounds.'

Yo everyone, this is a series I started over a year ago for SNESology and finally put together as an album release. It has 8 tracks that include arrangements from games like Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Castlevania Lords of Shadow and more. Get it for free or toss a buck if you're feeling generous, it all really helps and I'd like to do a volume 2 some day if all goes well.

Thanks for checking it out! If you're interested in making your own SNES music or want to participate with SNESology then please check out SNESology.com for soundsets and info. Cheers!

(If any mods read this, I do feel a bit cheeky posting album releases and not being as involved with OCRemix as I used to be but I have submitted remixes recently, hopefully that is ok?)

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Man, yeah, this is fucking sweet. I love how all your tracks not-so-subtly reference the game that the sounds come from, and it's all woven together so well, really really good stuff. I'm particularly partial to the Secret of Evermore (though you already knew that), Super Metroid, and Super Castlevania IV tracks because I have extensive history with those two games in particular, but the Batman one was really awesome too. I mean, the whole album is killer. Check this shit out people, s'wrong with you guys

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