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Project Beat Demon Video Series

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I sure hope they allow this, but basically I'm starting a new little video series of me showing a little bit of each track from my new album project, The Beat Demon, which is planned to be commercially released worldwide Spring of 2014. I'd love it if you guys would check out the playlist of 3 short videos so far, and more to come over the weeks. And yeah. Subscribe if you like it. hehehehehehe


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Oh god, #3, why... I think I'm going to throw up

I'm not sure I'm grasping the point... why not just post music previews? What's the point of video taping your DAW playing the music? Or post a captured video from the screen rather than video taping the screen? The music sounds cool, I just... don't really get it haha

I guess I just wanted it to feel a bit more like I'm "officially" leaking stuff rather than really letting the whole thing out to the world. I don't know, really. that was the main concept.

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