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Whaaaat? Logic 10.0.5 Update!?!?

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COME AT ME BRO! Because I've been waiting for this update for a loooong time!!

Let me be the first to praise Apple on a job well done and actually LISTENING to their users! Overall they've made so many changes and fixes to so many tiny things that were still bugged, and have improved the stability and performance overall! Hopefully I can say goodbye to my CPU issues!

Anyway, there's also a real nice treat that came with the update which was an overhaul to the Channel EQ with some new added features (including mid-side processing!). Here's a little video where I explain some of the new features and how they work.

Cheers guys!

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Up until yesterday I would have wished to be in version 9 still because there were still some bugs in Logic X that bugged the hell out of me. Nonetheless, this update is a VAST improvement and has dealt with a lot of issues. Read the patch note list you can see what I mean (just search it on Google).

Considering what you get for $200, it's probably the best freaking bang for your freaking buck that's freaking out there, software wise. If you were nice this year maybe Santa will help you out :)

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