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Toilet Goat

wip Deus Ex - The Synapse(hong kong) Trance/Techno

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First thing I notice is that the part-writing is really simplistic, even for trance.

The same arp from 0:07 - 0:14 repeats throughout 0:07 - 0:37, note-for-note.

The guitar-like pattern/loop from 0:51 - 0:55 is repeated verbatim until 1:36.

1:36 - 1:50 and 2:07 - 2:22 repeat the same arp from 0:07 - 0:14.

The guitar-like pattern comes back and repeats without variations at 2:36 - 3:21.

0:36 - 0:51 is repeated exactly as it is at 2:22 - 2:36, except with some high pads, a buried choir, and a snare roll.

0:51 - 1:35 is repeated exactly as it is at 2:36 - 3:20.

With repetition like that, it gets to feel same-y throughout the entire track and it gets (don't take offense to this) boring. The drums are OK, but they're on autopilot for the entire track at the points when they're used, and they sound like one sample each (and default samples, perhaps).

Overall, could be less repetitive by writing more variations rather than copying and pasting parts. Production can be less muddy, especially noticeable at 1:34, and the lead at 3:21 is too loud. I know it's a cover, but fixing the repetition will help your musical motivations and workflow. People really don't finish a good track in a few hours that often.

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