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  1. Just had sewn this simplistic metal beat together and trying to get it sound similiar like song styles of Mick Gordon. What you think about the song overall? I think the melodic guitars needs some refreshing
  2. We've just made some progress on the song. Buddy sang new vocals and I recorded some new guitars etc. minor adjustments
  3. Hi SlapMagic, the sounds are crisp and clear and song is all in all, like from some anime series(thats a good thing)! I like the riffs and basslines. I'd like though, if you'd go a little lower on volume on the 'passing by' sounds at 56 seconds, 1min 56s and 3min 10s. I think they clip some of the song too when they're played Also I tend to find overall bassness a lil low on drums, and that's just my personal taste ofc. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the reply and feedback of the song! We'll be correcting some of the vocals and instruments when we get the time for it. It is really good to hear opinion about the song, because what I think is, that when doing a song, you'll listen it as a composer+singer so much, that you come 'deaf' to some things, like vocals sounding off, instruments etc. That is why criticism is always welcome, and while doing same stuffs again it might be involving some arm hair/hair pulling, I don't really see that as a negative. When some of our friends listened the song, they were like "-yea it sounds nice"-, so we didnt really get any good criticism from them. Gotta ask them to be more precise I guess! And yeah, we'll need to keep more breaks of doing the song, so we can listen it with "fresh ears"! But anyway, thanks again for the feedback SlapMagic! I'll be posting the song again when it is redone
  5. New version on the soundcloud play A hard rock and a bit of progressive kind of song by me and friend. Arrangements and composing by me, lyrics, vocals and mixing by friend
  6. Sounds a lot like a retro arcade space shooter I liked the song, especially 1:33 onwards. Nice touch with the slides and countdown-voices, good stuff!
  7. Thanks mate for listening and analysis! Yes, revamping is needed on that pirate thingie got some work to do
  8. A couple of songs in progress... first is a pirateish orchestral tension with some guitar thingy: secondly a journey to space or similiar kind and then a 'sad' piano song
  9. Here's my smash up trance beat edm etc. mix of One Must Fall 2097 - Power Plant stage. I, myself think its a bit too repetitive, but nevertheless I just love the lead notes in this one. Kenny Chow rocks
  10. I find this remix really nice, but as some people have said about the later arppeggio, I also hear its somewhat off. But overall, really nice remix.
  11. Seems it doesnt work :[ edit. Oh the title you put on the song on thasauce goes to the name of the songs file so dauym, thats why its too long filename I think
  12. Okay it might have something to do with the length of the songs name . Ill reupload later.
  13. thinking of doing an instrumental one on this, as I have 3 days of freetime =) and congratulations DZComposer for winning the latest PRC! overall all the contest songs were unique in their own way and fun to listen. I was suprised that my technosmashpump went 3rd but thanks for the votes!
  14. tried to do a trance/techno style. gotta fix the middle part and some notes are wrong what u think?
  15. long time since last I participated, got mine in too =)
  16. Waking up -> Purpose in life -> How to achieve just made this SIDish song, which resembles megaman intros: what u think?
  17. Hey dude, is this you? if you are, then please upload more songs, love listening em :)

  18. Hey beckett007, your re-orchestrated version of "Entryway" sounds awesome. I'm already visualizing the epicness of entering the castle. Can't wait to hear your versions of the rest of the songs! and wow, I didnt know about the kickstarter! But now that I know, I'm extremely happy. After checking the site I noticed that some of the guys who are re-making this game are the ones who made the first ones too! I just hope that there'll be plenty of new puzzles and the game wouldn't have many of the same puzzles from the older versions, because then I'd know what to do with the puzzles from my old memory But anyway, I wish good luck for you beckett007 in the scoring of the songs, and good luck for Zojoi, the developer team, hope the fundraise goes well. and I hope we get many songs for PRC too
  19. hey all, just made a remix of my own other song what u guys think? what should I improve? any criticism welcomed
  20. here's my wip remix of UFO - Enemy Unknown Geoscape 1 theme what u guys think about genre and the narration? should I remove it and keep only the music
  21. well, I just opened ocr just to check for some songs, and saw this competition and made the song in just about 2,5hours or so, havent done any game songs lately and this was pretty good/easy to work around so I gave it a shot
  22. there's many good tracks in C&C, and this is one of em. I remember watching the cinematic in C&C for tiberian sun I think and this kept playing while the mechanisms of mechanical robot was revealed, good memories also, I uploaded my different kind of remix of the song to thesauce
  23. new one: