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Salamander / Life Force - Starfield (Stage 4 theme)

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Konami was one of my first gaming loves, and a huge part of it was because of its shooters and their music.

I loved this particular theme, never get tired of listening to it, as short and loopy as it is:


I want to remake it and make it sound as "futuristic 80s" as I can (Salamander, Gradius and Konami shooters in general always give me that vibe), and this is how it's going so far, just to get the idea of the overall athmosphere:


Of course, any feedback is really appreciated, especially in terms of mastering , that's always tricky for me.

Thanks a lot and hope you enjoy!

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Sounds alright so far, but some things of note:

- There's a lot of treble right now overall, especially at ~10000Hz and ~17000Hz from the leads and hi hats. Most evident at 0:27.

- This is mixed pretty loudly, with the leads being very upfront/dry and the non-percussive instruments a bit imbalanced with the drums, especially at 0:34.

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Thank you timaeus for your feedback! I'll try taking care of what you noticed, thanks :-)

I was actually finding the source material too short to expand, especially given the case I don't have a keyboard at the moment to improvise, so I decided I'd merge stage 5 theme, Burn the Wind, also with this one:

they both go very well together IMHO

...so I completed remaking Starfield and started the transition and first part of Burn the Wind...


Still hard to make it sound as I want sometimes, it's a lot of a trial/error process for a "sound illiterate"...

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