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*NO* Phantasy Star 2 'Take Turns'


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Juhana Honkanen

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Phantasy Star II

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Take Turns

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Rise or Fall

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A friend of mine turned 30, and I asked him which old game tune he'd like to hear remixed. When pondering his options, he said "Rise or Fall has great potential but is unfortunately too short for remixing". (It's a 54-second loop.) Sounded like a fun challenge to me, so here is a 5 1/2 -minute version!

Many thanks go to the people who helped me out by giving valuable feedback at the workshop forums - timaeus222 and Elrinth especially.

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Nice filtering effects, I think overall the mix is a bit overhyped in the highs, but is balanced enough to work. It is a touch overcompressed, but things are audible enough on all fronts to be heard. The guitar solo was a bit overly stiff but otherwise sounded alright, and was a well written part.

I think sonically it stays a bit too samey for a good deal of it, and having a bit more variety wouldn't hurt, especially for a 5:30ish long mix, and the repetition seems high. There seems to be some variation throughout, but it's always so pushed in the compressor, that it is difficult to mentally differentiate the nuances.

I think this is really solid in a lot of ways, but needs the compression eased up on, as it is hurting the mix in a bunch of different ways. I would love to hear a resub, and maybe swap out a few instruments for shorter sections to give a new sonic palate a chance to mix it up.

No, please resubmit

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I have to agree with Andrew here almost entirely. This mix is exhausting to listen to as the dynamics almost never change. Wow, it's bright, and hot, yeah too much compression overall.

I agree some timbre changeups would really be welcome, especially that wide harmonic lead, it sounds great, but how about a section with soft drumming and something more like a simple legato lead? And then maybe yet another lead near the end? Also the drumming is fairly relentless, most notable in the snare, possibly because that snare is so mid-heavy.

This is a cool arrangement! I think a little sonic variation and a whole lot less compression would really make it work.

NO (resubmit)

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Love the ideas and the energy here, it's an excellent base to start from. Really powerful song overall, but there's a few big issues. The compression is quite high on the track, and there's almost no dynamic variety for the first couple minutes. I expected a change in instrumentation to come at 0:36 or 1:21, but it stayed at full blast. It would be good to have something where the lead drops out for a section, or the lead ramps down in intensity. You have some ideas like that in the last couple minutes of the song, and I'd like to see some of those ideas used earlier for variety.

The guitar solo at 2:16 was AWESOME and well-timed. Just the kind of change that was needed.

Focus on the arrangement issues first, and then try to iron out the overcompression issues. This is a good 80% of the way there, so please continue working on it.

NO (resubmit)

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