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'Mystical Caverns' [Mystic Cave Zone]


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Hi! I've made a remix of Mystic Cave Zone and Mystic Cave Zone 2P Mode from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Hope you guys like it!:-D





Tweaked the drums a bit, lowered the volume, removed the radio effect at 0:54, changed the instruments at portion "B" and added a drop at 0:08.

Soundcloud link:


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Updated the remix
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I think the intro is pretty sick. I feel like you're winding up for a drop at around :08, but the track keeps chugging along. It works, but I think you can REALLY amp up the excitement here.

The synth blips, slides, and whatever other madness that is at 0:54 is super sweet!

I think the phasing lead sound you have in the beginning carries the melodic line fairly well. Just be careful not to overload us with that sound.

I like the slightly detuned bass sound in the beginning. I feel like as the song progresses it could really benefit by morphing that sound into a razor sharp saw or something similar to give it a grating edge. Just my opinion.


The drums become repetitive quickly.

The sound in general is really, REALLY loud and the soundscape often sounds muddy. This makes it difficult to pick out some of the individual parts.

The "B" portion of the song works, but I think this is really a time where you can give the track some time to breathe and open up. The fast pace could benefit from some openness and fresh air. The listener could definitely be hooked even more if you do it right. Just a suggestion.

I find the song holds my attention well up to 1:08. That's your "B" portion I think. This is where I think you should switch out some instruments or open things up for the listener to keep them interested.

Other Thoughts:

You definitely have some seriously cool things going on here, but in general the track is just really damn loud and it sounds like you've compressed the ever loving stuffing out of the whole thing. I am excited to hear more.

I hope this helps!

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Even though I'm not on my good headphones right now, I do hear that the atmosphere of this track remains exactly the same throughout. It isn't muddy, and it isn't clipping, but it is still pretty loud and the sounds seem a bit basic to me. The rhythm is almost like a hoedown, but anyways, it gets repetitive and it's sort of on autopilot. That about covers it.

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For such an aggresive kick you surely picked a bland snare sound. Seems a bit odd to me.

The lead synth that begins at 1:15 is very loud and quite annoying really.

Personally, the arrangement feels a bit messy to me. It barely makes any sense, and the muddiness of the mix doesn't help. You can make something interesting from this, just try to focus it more.

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