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Home DnB Remix (Fez Soundtrack)

Dino Kid

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Hi everyone!

It's been a long time since I was last on here but I've finally put together another VGM remix.

This time I've had a go at remixing "Home" by Disasterpeace featured on the Fez OST.

Here's how it sounds so far:


I got great feedback last time so I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say this time.

EDIT: I think it's about done, will leave it up here for a bit before I consider submitting it :)

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I really like this! It's nice and chilled out, but it keeps the fun and adventurous feel of the original track!

If I was to give any notes, I'd say you should add some extra ambiance around 2:00 and on through that break. Right at 2:00, it kind of stops a little too abruptly, so having some extra reverb or more preferably just lengthening the release on those instruments would keep it connected a little better in my opinion.

Aside from that, I'm excited at the prospect of a solid FEZ remix going up on OCR :)

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The arrangement seems pretty solid, with just a few iffy spots.

The drums are more or less on autopilot with kinda subtle changes in the kick rhythm, mostly. More snare variation would really help lessen the repetition.

I also agree with Kanohi about 2:00 being abrupt. Tying the two sections together with a more gradual dynamic curve would really help making it more cohesive.

1:02 - 1:59 is repeated verbatim at 2:41 - 3:38 aside from very minor drum variations. I strongly believe that adding more distinction between those two sections would make the arrangement less of one that coasts on one good section copy-pasted and more of one that adds a true sense of progression.

Last thing is the dynamic shift at 3:51, and the weird arpeggio. It clashes with what came before it and makes the ending more jarring than you meant it to be.

Currently this may get a NO (resubmit) based on the fact that 25% of the remix was repeated and doesn't really introduce new arrangement. Personally I'd limit myself to 10% or less repeated in any close form whatsoever.

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Aha, yeah I have noticed a couple of these issues. Usually I try to be lenient with things that I think are repetitive, charting it up to the fact I might have heard it one too many times but if you agree then I will set to work on some changes. Thanks fr the detailed feedback :D

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Really like the new mix! The transition into the bridge is much better, the song feels like one flowing piece now :) the bit at 2:09 still seems like too much of a fall-off to me personally, and I would maybe add a synth or pad that swells up into the start of the next phrase to keep it gliding along smoothly. That, however, seems like it's more of a personal-taste thing, so it's up to your own discretion if you want to change it or leave it!

Love the new second section, great work keeping it similar but changing it up enough to be noticeable :D

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