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  1. I wouldn't say I extensively produce Neurofunk, I'm more into Glitch Hop but I know they both utilize a lot of the same elements at times. Personally I feel like the drums used from 1:12 and on simply don't hit hard enough. It still feels like the intro to me. It gets a little more intense around 1:57 with the addition of high-hats, but even then neither the Kick nor the Snare really stand out over the synths. It's a cool arrangement, I'm interested to see where this goes!
  2. Dang! The drop is so much more powerful now, I'm really impressed! I have to agree with Timaeus that a lot of the basses feel either thin or empty around that part, and there's some more work to be done to make them feel thick and full, but this is definitely well on its way! As for the sample of the German voice, I know that OCR prefers when people don't sample audio directly from the game, but I seem to remember that their policy is as long as it's not excessive you're ok? So I'm not sure, it fits but it's also a little cheesy, I think it would sound good with or without it
  3. I just want to check in here and see if this is still going on? If yes, I'll keep tweaking my track because I want to finish it for this and I don't want the DK64 project to die off
  4. The intro is pretty cool, the source is audible but it's different enough to be interesting! The "drop" doesn't hold much weight. I say "drop" because I'm not sure if that's what it is, but since you mention complextro inspiration, I figure that's what it is. The basses have no power, they hit as hard as the high synths and there's just so much going on that it leaves the deep bits high and dry, ya know? I would recommend minimalizing the area around the drop section. If you're going for that staple Porter Robinson/Zedd/Madeon type of sound, you'll want to take some of the instruments out of the mix to let the bass really shine through. I would also suggest during that buildup, modulate the instruments used and reduce their low-end gradually so that just before the drop, there's much less in the low channels, this will make the bass after the drop stand out a lot more! Just some suggestions, it sounds really good aside from that bit, but feel free to experiment in other ways to bring out that punchy sound a bit more
  5. I've never been a huge fan of Savant's music, but watching his process was very interesting, thanks for the link!
  6. So sick, definitely one of my favorite source tunes from Prime 2 and I think Argle really nailed it! It's powerful and heavy to a point but keeps a great ambient and airy feel to balance it out, great mix
  7. Stuff like this always makes me smile, the KOAN Sound boys are young but I feel like they understand quality electronic music production far beyond their years, always happy to spread the sound
  8. If you want an idea of what I mean by dynamics, this song is one of my favorite examples.
  9. Really like the new mix! The transition into the bridge is much better, the song feels like one flowing piece now the bit at 2:09 still seems like too much of a fall-off to me personally, and I would maybe add a synth or pad that swells up into the start of the next phrase to keep it gliding along smoothly. That, however, seems like it's more of a personal-taste thing, so it's up to your own discretion if you want to change it or leave it! Love the new second section, great work keeping it similar but changing it up enough to be noticeable
  10. Tons of fun, I really enjoyed this! Kinda hard to feel a punk vibe without any drums though
  11. I like the feeling, but I think everybody else made some good points! The snare is very reverb-y. Too much in my opinion, I think you should tone back the amount of reverb and also shorten up the length of it so it doesn't echo for as long. The bass rhythm is nice and simple, and it definitely leaves a lot of room for some interesting variation to be thrown in. Some stuff I would try is maybe for just a beat or two having the wobble double-up so it plays twice as fast, change the waveshape of the LFO from Sin to Saw, etc. The kick drum needs to hit a lot harder, I almost didn't hear it at first It's a cool sample, but it can be improved upon with some more work!
  12. @Timaeus: Let the Reese fever spread! >:0 Also, by dynamics I simply mean a non-static sound (which is very general, but I mean it to be so). For example, instead of setting your LFO's on a few knobs and then letting that wobble play for 2-3 beats, adding an envelope on one of those knobs to slowly change the level of it -while- it's connected to the LFO will make that sound much more interesting 9 times out of 10. There are some instances where a sound can be effective verbatim, but adding small envelope-changes or using an automation clip to adjust some of the more textural effects while the sound is running it's course adds a lot of expression to it (in short, dynamics ). I do see how that was very vague, looking back on it though X) @Argle: Something that I noticed when I first started out w/ making Dubstep was that a sound without a sub-bass under it will almost always sound underwhelming. If you make a wobble with a lot of texture and then make a wobble that is the same pattern but purely sub-bass (just a simple sin-wave, very deep) to play at the same time, it usually gives you an idea of what it would sound like when "finished" or in the final stages at least!
  13. I mostly used the recommendations I did because of the song Argle linked, I personally think that Reese Bass has a very wide range of use, and a lot of great modern Dubstep tunes are utilizing it in cool ways (such as the works of Culprate, Joe Ford, etc.) Of course there's a lot of other things to use and try, but what I was mainly trying to emphasize was dynamics! Dynamics can spice up wobbles even if they're basic, so play with envelopes a lot to see what you can make happen!
  14. The song you linked (Skism's remix of The State) utilizes a lot of heavy, almost DnB-flavored basses, so I think you should look into tutorials for producing a "Reese" bass. It's a very textural, guttural sound that a lot of DnB producers use, and I find that it has a much better effect than 'wobble' bass noises. Try this tutorial. The emulated sound is similar to a sound that KOAN Sound or Noisia would use, and with the right level of ducking or sidechaining to a kick drum, you can produce awesome impact effects! There are dozens of ways to make different Reese basses, so I suggest looking into that! Also don't get stuck on the idea of "Wobbles". I think that concept is kind of dated, the real height of production is knowing when to wobble and when to just play with the modulation so it produces some proper dynamics and not just a binary up-down-up-down pattern. Starting at around 0:42 you'll hear a lot of volume and modulation work. Though technically that song is considered Glitch Hop, I believe that those elements are far more powerful and intense than what most wobbles or basic dubstep can achieve. 16bit is one of the best artists to look at for those elements combined, and I think that their iconic Machine Gun remix is something to look to for inspiration, specifically the second drop at 3:39 (which is more along the lines of wobbles). Hope I was able to help!
  15. I really like this! It's nice and chilled out, but it keeps the fun and adventurous feel of the original track! If I was to give any notes, I'd say you should add some extra ambiance around 2:00 and on through that break. Right at 2:00, it kind of stops a little too abruptly, so having some extra reverb or more preferably just lengthening the release on those instruments would keep it connected a little better in my opinion. Aside from that, I'm excited at the prospect of a solid FEZ remix going up on OCR
  16. Sounds great! Perhaps it's just me, but if I were to change anything, I'd have the energy rise up a little at about 1:14 when heading into the next verse, perhaps with some bigger drums building up and then make the next verse slightly more powerful overall. If the mix is meant to be a more brooding, calm mix, then I'd say leave it as it is, it sounds fantastic
  17. I hope you don't get disheartened by any of the notes, I definitely see the tune in there and I hope you can coax out the details to make it even better!
  18. Timaeus, as usual, hit most of the important stuff already! Personally, I would work on the 'wobble' used throughout the song, as it sounds very thin and background-y. The Electro part has some sub-bass that goes way loud, it makes everything else sound incredibly weak in comparison. You can see exactly where it goes loud by the huge spikes in the waveform. I would dial that back a bit, and the same goes for the half-time breakdown bit, a lot of bass is good for energy but too much can drown your song!
  19. If I could toss some input to go along with that~ Being Drum and Bass, the Drums need to be super spot-on for it to sound good. I love your arrangement for the Drums, but some of the samples themselves are a tad lacking. The kick sounds like some of the default kicks in FLStudio, which isn't a bad thing but I think it needs some of its own power. Something to make it punch out. It sounds more like a Trance/Electro kick right now (at least in my opinion). The Snare is awesome, but it needs more of a low end, I'm thinking. It's punchy, but just a tad too high to match the kick right now. Gario already talked about a lot of the melody stuff being not matched in volume, so I don't really need to touch on that. Overall, catchy and fun, got my head bouncing right away! Just needs to be touched up a bit, I'd say you have a good shot the second time around
  20. You've got a ways to go, but you have to start somewhere! As Timaeus said, it's a lot of default samples. It takes a while before you get the hang of crafting your own sounds and especially mixing everything so that certain bits stand out. If I was to give you some places to start, try connecting some of these samples to their own mixing channel, add the Fruity Parametric EQ 2 to them, play around with it so things stand out on their own without fighting in the same channels!
  21. I might be interested in doing a track! Somebody requested some tunes from AW2 a while back, and I came up with this remix of Sturm's Theme. It's not finalized because I started working on some other stuff, but I might want to start a new mix for a different track in here!
  22. Groovin'! I really like this! My major complaint would be that there isn't many parts that aren't loaded with things going on. Right from the first drop it's a lot of patterns that feature 4-5 sounds playing their own part, it's kind of a lot to take in all at once, ya know? A few minimalistic measures would highly contrast the fuller parts, adding a great dynamic! Other than that, it's got a nice rhythm, and it's a great track overall
  23. The wobbles being used for the 'drop' section right now are very basic, I'd put some time into making them something that stands out and catches the ear. The main thing I would adjust with it is that it's very far in the back, so it doesn't really feel like a lead. Also I agree with G-Mixer that the drop is too similar to the start, and it doesn't have much impact when it hits. There's definitely a tune here, it just needs to be fleshed out a lot more!
  24. Not sure if you're into the style, but Growl/Scream vocals might sound pretty cool in one or two areas of the song! Aside from that, I agree that it's very liberal, and if I didn't know what it was a remix of, most likely wouldn't recognize the source in there. I love the trap/hip-hop style, really cool direction, can't wait to hear it more expanded upon! I think the house section near the end needs a high-end on the kick, personally. It's still using the 808's from the start and it could have a better punch if there was a bit of a thud in the higher registers
  25. I think the snare is too heavy on the low-end. It's almost like there isn't a snare in the mid registers at all. In fact that's how it is with most of the instrumentation, and it gives off this muted vibe for the whole song. It sounds great so far, but I think the higher channels need to open up a bit and it will sound a lot better!
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