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FF6 - Phantom Train, Gestahl Empire

Sole Signal

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Finally organized my remixes page and dropped these two remixes from the FF6 contest onto it. Tracks are "Throne Reborn" and "Loco Motion":


Haven't been too active lately, but do have some cool things coming. I'll have four tracks on the upcoming SM64 project and a original project that I'll be announcing soon. :)

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Throne Reborn sounds so awesome! :o I hear that violin haha :P I play the violin, so if you ever want a live violin track, feel free to let me know! The sample you used sounds pretty good, though. :)

Loco Motion is so epic! I need to figure out how to remix like this lol. Looks like I have a lot to learn!

Thanks for posting these. They are both really freaking good haha :)

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