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  1. Are you still planning on doing FF3? :) 

  2. I will be there! Cannot wait to finally meet everyone!
  3. Thank you!! haha I don't have a mouse (shame on me) but I found a way to do it Lesson learned!
  4. It did record everything but in general the volume was too low so I was trying to raise the velocities of all the notes while keeping the "human" feel to it and I failed hahaha. So I'm just gonna re-humanize it all. I have manually adjusted for mostly everything that was offbeat so that part should be done hopefully. I really need to watch more tutorials on FL....
  5. Well, I did record the MIDI with my keyboard but I'm still kind of a noob with FL Studio so I am not sure how to raise the velocities of the whole recording. Oh and sorry about that! This is my first time being in an OCR project so I am not familiar with the process for posting WIPs. My bad! I can delete my previous post if needed.
  6. Here's my first WIP of Forbidden Land! Just the piano backing as of right now. I gotta spend more time on humanizing it all, and I will add vocals/violin to it. I am gonna make it more like a lullaby that transitions into a powerful orchestral/vocal.... thing. Yeah. https://soundcloud.com/teracmusic/wip-forbidden-land-ocr/s-F86Te
  7. Oh man haha. I've been super busy with Multiplayer II: Co-Op (the second charity album for Child's Play Charity) but I am almost done! I just have to film some videos and I will get working on mine ASAP. I'll post a WIP soon!
  8. I'll check out the demo song for sure! And yeah, it isn't sounding as nice as I want, mainly because I was trying so hard to silence the ghost kick that is supposed to be silent lol. I'll see what I can do!
  9. Not quite sure how to upload an image anymore on the forum/workshop..... xD It's URL-only now?
  10. Just tried to fiddle around with the attack/release of the envelope and threshold/ratio of the loudness in the Limiter, and it sounds MUCH better. I still feel like there are some clicks here and there, but that might just be my paranoia lol https://soundcloud.com/teracmusic/theme-song-better-side-chain/s-K9lbn Hi Timaeus Just a ghost kick during the first 30 seconds, then the actual kick comes in (ghost kick is still active of course). I want to send you a screenshot of the Limiter but I'm not sure how to do so... this forum update is awesome yet confusing
  11. Hey, everyone! I've finally made the complete switch to FL and I'm trying to make a theme song for my boyfriend for his birthday. I get the whole sidechaining thing, but I have the pad and ghost kick the only things playing in the beginning and I can still technically hear the kick. Listen to the first 30 seconds, and you should be able to hear a kick-like clicking sound still occurring https://soundcloud.com/teracmusic/theme-song/s-Qamdj I know it sounds fine once an actual kick comes in and all, but is there a way to get the cool "pumping" effect without the harsh clicking evident in the link? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've had FL for a while, but I am happy that I am finally starting to get used to it. Baby steps... -Tera
  12. ... and I can't figure out how to add other VSTs (TAL-Noisemaker, Crystal, etc) to the DAW. As someone mentioned earlier, you can no longer just check a box and add the VST. How exactly do I go about integrating it into the new FL? Do I have to do a deep scan? I'm a noob at FL still haha so any help would be appreciated I'm also loving the 4 new VSTs/Effects that were added for the signature bundle. I'm going to enjoy playing with these new 'toys'
  13. If someone ends up directing this, I would SO be in!
  14. I totally agree! I did a more straightforward cover of this song a while back, but I think I might do another one that has much more substance to it.
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