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  1. Spoke with Darke on Discord, but so everyone knows: My schedule's in flux right now (sort of suddenly), so to help ensure the compo's consistency, I will still need to drop out on this one. So sorry!
  2. Hey there, I am really sorry to do this at last second, but I will need to drop out. I ended up needing to take on a lot of additional work this week, and won't have time to participate. My apologies for any inconveniences!
  3. Hey PRYZM Just wanted to pop in here real quick to say I am really loving your release. It's wonderful work. I particularly enjoyed Astral Genesis and Constellations. Looking forward to hearing more!
  4. I'll be honest, I'm really nervous. Trying to best my anxiety though... 1) Shade Man 2) Spring Man 3) Clown Man
  5. Hey AP!

    Had no idea you frequented this forum too. Guess I'll need to start posting more here, myself. ;) 

  6. Just simply amazing. Is there much more to say? Fantastic mix all around. I'm a really huge fan of strings in general, so this is quite a treat. Thank you!
  7. This is an awesome remix, thank you so much for posting this. Paper Mario 2 stands among my top five favorite games as a matter of fact. I'm really glad to see such a solid justice being done to its beautiful soundtrack. Great song choice too. I'm in agreement-- The final boss theme to this game is most certainly one of, if not the darkest Mario theme around. Lots of clever atmospheric tricks and spooky chord progressions haunt the original. This progressive metal/rock approach is a very clever take on the source, by extension.
  8. Would just like to say thank you very much for posting this. Kontakt's very fascinating, and there's a lot to learn within it. I'm looking forward to the second blog entry.
  9. Your work's always inspiring good sir. Those mixes on your host site are awesome show cases. Glad to see you're still giving us more.
  10. Sweet, so I'm not in the single's club it looks like. I'm using FL 9, myself. As for the track, I'm quite liking it. And I agree with timaeus222, the piano delay is totally fine. Though I could be bias here, since I'm a huge fan of delay... But er. There are definitely spots that need filling out, and I will also agree that the pad at the beginning could use something to help add variation to it, whether it be subtle filter work-- another lead, etc. Or maybe even a bit more ambience to accent it? The separation on the strings to the choir pad is nice. But when the kick comes in, it feels... A bit muddier than it should be, at least to me. Is there any side-chaining going on in there? It sounds like very little to me, if any. I think maybe some EQing on the lower frequencies of the other instruments aside from the kick, and perhaps a bit (more?) of side-chain strength on the kick signal to the pad could help raise that kick a bit and give it a bit more clarity in the midst of the pad. The transition to the piano and percussive section sounds awesome. I don't necessarily have an issue with it being emptier there, but perhaps if you came back to that phrase at a later point in the song you could add a more driving rhythm and a pad or arp sequence to back the section up? But of course, it's your piece. Maybe you had something else in mind? Also, I too would be more than happy to assist in FL help. But maybe I'm less experienced than some. I've been working with FL for only about... eh, maybe three years now? Either way, other veterans are going to teach me a thing or two as well.
  11. Quite agreed. I recall a friend of mine and I randomly saw the game in a Walmart bin one day, and we (even more randomly) decided to buy it. Our expectations were a bit blown by the excellent control scheme and super smooth engine. I wasn't particularly impressed by the story or gun fighting. But the quick platforming and fast paced sections were brilliant.
  12. This is awesome news, and congrats to OCR. I'm looking forward to purchasing albums soon.
  13. The detail on the drums is blistering. Dang good stuff. The old school hip hop vibe is excellent, and the performances are all around wonderful. Can't wait for the album, guys. Thanks for the hard work.
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