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finished Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme (shoK remix)

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Nice, this source needs some love. ;)

Your intro beeps all sound heavily compressed. If I'm not mistaken, the first sound is an FM sound, so the dynamics of the carrier signal might need adjusting. It seems to work fine later in the track, but when so exposed in the intro the lack of dynamics in the sounds themselves is so much more apparent.

The first break feels weak to me. The slow attacking brass-y synth in the following part seems a bit too loud, and the square-ish lead doesn't quite have the bite the rest of the instrumentation suggests it should.

I like the juxtaposition of these calm, square timbres with the aggressive synths and DnB stuff, but they don't work that well in the same parts. I'm not saying you can't use calmer timbres for leads, but it doesn't quite gel with the backing synths as those are more saw-like, sharp, rich and aggressive.

Ending is too abrupt, and the last big part doesn't quite feel big enough. A change in lead synth might help, and a transition to a more square/triangle-dominated reprise of it might signal the end of the track more clearly than just using the ostinato from the beginning.

It's got some nice power to it. The dynamics and sound choices could use some work. I'm not sure the arrangement makes sense atm, it's just "soft part hard part soft part hard part soft part hard part" end. The later hard parts should be bigger, and the soft parts could be more varied to control momentum and anticipation.

Cool stuff.

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The trance remix is getting a lot of attention already so I'll give this one a shot.

I really like the style and feel you have going on here, it's a lot like the DnB that I've been getting into lately. That triplet arpeggio goes well with the beat.

The first break could use improvement but I will add another reason as well. It could use more tension and release. It sounds cliche but a "riser" instrument would help, or some ambient buildup on the high end.

There is some nice interplay with the instruments playing at the first drop. I personally feel the square and brassy synth are good choices. It has a lot of energy while leaving enough space in between the notes. But they sometimes run into each other, where the square's long notes sound "sucked in" with the brass playing over it. More dynamics in the brass would help separate both instruments more.

At 2:33 the second break comes in abruptly. There's not much of a transition to carry it over. I like the low pass on the drums here.

Back into the heavy action at 2:55. It has more going on this time with the backing harmony filling up more of the soundscape. The bell sound comes in more clearly, better than it was with the square lead before. Then there's another sudden break at 3:40.

Rozovian's gripe with the arrangement might be due to the fact that the different sections are not joined very well together. (also I just came to realize you use that same synth arp to bring in the drops) You certainly know how to mix up the dynamics so that boredom doesn't set in, but the transitions between sections need work.

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