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Underground Theme- It's a Series of Tubes! Rewired.


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Well This is a touched up version of what I submitted back aways. Was asked to resub, the drums needed some work, so added some variation to the drums. Fiddled with some stutter effects. It's jerky, it's a little out of tune, garbled, a little too loud, little to soft, thin where it should be fat and fat where it should be thin. Not much else to say. I can't really figure this one out....I guess if I had to venture a guess, Ill know what I was trying to accomplish if 1/2 of responses love it and the other 1/2 hate it, (if that makes any sense at all) I had been listening to a lot of Devo and was inspired by their take on Satisfaction and loved how they imparted a feeling of "we know how it "should" sound, but we're gonna do it our way" but nuff talk have at you!


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hey there!

First of all, i really like all the different stuff you do with stutters and effects. It's easy to see you put some work into it. Also, (and I'm certainly no professional in this area), the production is nice- it's easy to hear all the different elements and nothing sticks out too much.

That being said, however, my principal beef is with the arrangement. For such a well-known tune, I really think you need to go somewhere with your source. When it comes down to it, your mix is a loop of the tune over and over, just with different effects. It actually gets a little tiresome after a few times through the melody.

So to me, what this needs is some variation. Try some different instrumentation every once in a while playing the melody. Add some solos or background riffs (besides all the effects). Change it up a bit.

Again, I like the stuff you did, it just got boring and repetitive after a few times. Hopefully I'm not sounding too harsh. And it's only my opinion- maybe others don't think it is that bad.

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I think this track would work a lot better if it had a sense of progression. Right now, you add variation and cool little details in percussion and such as it goes on, but it always feels like it's in the same place, because it's basically just looping with different glitch effects. It doesn't ever really build on those ideas. It just doesn't feel like there's enough development to justify over 3 minutes of run time. Nothing is really added to the mix after a certain point pretty early on. What you have here is pretty cool, but it doesn't do much to keep the audience's attention for the duration.

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