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Will pay for an original 15-25 second animated series intro


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Hello OCRemix Community,

I'm currently producing an animated series to be posted for free on youtube. I'm looking to commission a musician here to create an original intro to be used in our show's title sequence. It probably only needs to be about 15-25 seconds long. I am willing to pay real money!

The show is an anime/video game/pop culture parody series so something sounding maybe along the lines of rock or techno or video game-ish. If you are willing to join a video call and walk us through advising us on an appropriate genre of music that would be great. The writers for the series will likely write some funny lyrics and provide the vocals. But you'll be responsible for providing the instrumentals and original composition.

If you're interested, please send me some samples of your work. Please note which are original compositions vs covers.

My email is bogusred@paperdemon.com

More info about the series:

"Dragon Mall Quest is an epic quest of two average guys trying to get by in a mall filled with the chaos and insanity that would only be commonplace in an anime. Season 1 of Dragon Mall Quest will have eight five minute episodes released on YouTube for free."

As far as timing goes, we plan to release the series by end of the year so at the latest need it by then. We'd love to have the intro song by the time we post our indiegogo campaign in April but if we can't get it by then, that's ok.

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Do you have any of the content for the intro created yet? I think it would be easiest if that was made first, then the music could be done to match it (it would also mean that sound design could be included as well, for like title wooshes or something). Also, what style are you looking for specifically? Do you have any examples of other songs that have the feel you're looking for?

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We have not created the intro content yet. We were thinking of doing the opposite (getting music first and building an intro around that). But we could do the two together in tandem. I'm meeting with the writers this Saturday and we could discuss initial ideas for our intro.

We've been so focused on the episode content that we haven't put a lot of thought into the intro yet. But we could storyboard an initial concept before the music creation process begins if that's more helpful.

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It's possible I could do it. Though I may not be able to get anything in til somewhere around May, despite the fact it could be fairly short or easy.

If it needs to sound fairly J-Pop, I can study J-Pop a bit more and use my new knowledge on such things. :-P

But again, I'm pretty busy up until April or May, so it may be hard to get anything to you earlier than late April or May.

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