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After Effects 7 help!

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So here's the situation.

I've been working on a project in After Effects 7, and so far, things have gone well. However, I've run into a situation that seems like it should be mind-numbingly simple, yet is proving to be an absolutely infuriating pain in the ass.

I made a kaleidoscope using a photograph. The project has the kaleidoscope zooming in up close to one section of it, where a portion of the image is scrolling by going right to left. When the scene's done zooming in, I have the picture I used for the kaleidoscope popping in and replacing the kaleidoscope seemlessly, and scrolling along right to left at the same speed the kaleidoscope was scrolling. What I want to have happen next, is get the picture to gradually slow to a stop. Seems like a simple enough idea, right? But...



This in the speed graph from the section I'm having trouble with in AE 7 (just for reference, the numbers on the right tell you how many pixels per second the object is moving, and each vertical line is one sixth of a second). The pink line is what the program is doing to the picture speed-wise. As you can see with that pink line, the graph shows the scrolling speed abruptly increasing at the second keyframe (keyframes are the yellow squares), which is very noticeable when I export the project. I don't want it to increase like that at all. I want it to go from its current scrolling speed, gradually to a stop, like the green line I drew in. I've tried all sorts of settings in the program, dug around the Web, and all of the things I've tried result in a speed jump when I apply "Easy Ease In" to the third keyframe where the picture stops. Linear, Bezier, Auto Bezier, Continuous Bezier, Hold... no combination on the shown keyframes seems to get rid of the speed up at the second keyframe. And adjusting the keyframe tangent handles doesn't help at all, as they just make the speed up curve more abrupt, or make the slow down curve much less gradual.

So my question is, can I get this object to slow down like what the green line does? Is there a way to eliminate this damned speed up after the second keyframe, and get the object to smoothly slow to a halt? There has to be something simple I'm missing, and it's driving me crazy :banghead:

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The number of keyframes never made a difference. The speed curve always has that uptick resulting in a speed up. And since the tangent bars can only slide to the right and left (not in a circle like in so many other programs), they're of no use in dealing with this.

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