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Competition Idea: Ultimate 8 (Feedback Needed)

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Hey guys!

I've got a cool idea for a competition, but I want to make sure people are willing to join it first. It's called Ultimate 8, which is short for Ultimate 8-Bit Remix. As you can probably guess, this competition is focused on the 8-bit era of vgm.

Essentially, you just email to join, and you'll recieve an email with a game, track, and a restriction, if needed. I'll set a date for remixes to be in, and then they'll go up for voting. After another period of time, a few remixes will be eliminated. The process repeats, and in the end, the most voted remix becomes the "Ultimate 8."

Please give feedback, and if enough support is shown, I'll start up Ultimate 8, Round 1 soon.

(Need more information? Email me here: ultimate8bitremix@gmail.com)

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I wouldn't do the email thing, you could do it with private messaging on this forum.

Honestly, it doesn't seem like a unique enough idea for a compo. People at OCR remix 8bit music all the time, most of the compos are even using 8bit music, like Mega Man and some of the others. Would the goal be to remix them AS 8bit music, like chiptunes?

I'd personally love to see some kind of free for all concept where people could remix whatever they wanted and go up against other people. Not sure how you would make it work but it'd be fun.

You need to know how many people would be involved and when you would plan to do the compo. :-D

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