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  1. So, small in text, but large in importance update! I have received a PM from the project board (is that the right term?), and well, igNoring thE craSh is now an official OCR Album Project! Well, almost. There's a few things that need to be taken care of, but within the next week or so, it'll become officially official, to quote Gario. What does this change? Not much. The final deadline is still set for August 10th. However, the album judges did give some critiques on individual tracks, which I'll be PMing out tomorrow to their respective holders. As for those who haven't turned in a final track, perhaps this will be a good motivator, no? We're past a major hurdle, guys - now let's get ITC to a release! (It's fitting too - when I write this, it's ITC's 3rd year in dev! Its almost like a present!)
  2. I apologize for my absence, real life got in the way again (it seems like I'm making that excuse a lot, but I promise that this is the last time). Currently I have nothing. The proposal has been sent in, but no reply yet (which could be in part because of me dropping the ball on this one), and I've heard nothing from the remaining trackholders so far. At this point, I would come up with something to put into a list, give a few wishy-washy deadlines, and call it good. Well, not today - I'm going simple. I feel that it would be unfair to require everyone to jump back on this project instantly after such a long hiatus without some leeway, so I'm going to give a hard deadline...set about two months from now. And to make it important looking, I'll even increase the font size! FINAL DEADLINE FOR ALL TRACKS: AUGUST 10TH, 2017. That puts the finish of ITC 63 days away, according to my clock. And during this time, I promise that my activity on OCR will increase and stabilize. I'm not going to disappear again!
  3. You heard the Coop, ITC members! To make it easier, send me what you'd like to appear on the website via PM. (At the most basic, we'll need track names, but notes on your tracks/some information about yourself would be appreciated as well!) After I've received something from everyone, I'll compile it into a single file, and then send that your way, Coop. For those who're wondering, I'm still waiting on a reply to the project proposal, but I don't mind waiting a bit longer.
  4. Go ahead and do that; even if I submit, it's only for approval. After approval comes the clean-up, and then submission for release. You've got plenty of time.
  5. Currently, I'm working on a project proposal. I believe we're at a solid enough state to justify that, and get ITC to approval. I have almost all the orange tracks in my possession, just waiting on a few people to respond. I'll notify everyone via this thread when the proposal goes out, but once that's done, it's really just a waiting game from there.
  6. I am extremely sorry about the delay, I've been trying to recover from moving and my laptop going kaput (long story). However, I am now back and ready to push forwards with the project. Currently, I only have 4 tracks out of 9, so I'll need to get the other 5 ASAP. Thanks to the Coop, we have album and web art, and now just the issue of getting the project made official. I'll be sending out PMs to the 5 remaining track holders to see where they stand, and I'll definitely make sure that this is updated more regularly.
  7. Alright, a bit of time has passed, and I think we've got an established track list set up. Before I type it in though, a reminder: If you have an orange-colored entry, I need you to send a .WAV (must be a WAV) to me asap. If you've already done so, ignore this message. The track list is: Megaman 3 - ** ~Sagnewshreds Tetris - ** ~ Chernabogue Metroid - Title Theme ~Trev MegaMan III - Title ~Trev Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters - Fight Music 4 ~Mak Eightman Battletoads & Double Dragon - Missile Mayhem ~Sbeast Contra - Waterfall ~jorito Bubble Bobble - *Undefined/No Specific Track* ~YamaYama/milothefultz Super Mario Bros. 3 - Athletic Theme ~Mak Eightman Note that this is not track order. That'll be decided after all tracks are orange and received on my end.
  8. So, it's been a while, right? I've been a bit busy, but now is the time to refocus. Several deadlines have already passed, and as such, it's time to crack down. All golden track submitters (aka, @Trev, @Mak Eightman, @Sbeast, @Jorito and @milothefultz), I need you to send me a .WAV file of your track. I have a new computer for rendering, and it is likely that files have been lost in the transfer. As for @Chernabogue, @Sagnewshreds and @evktalo, I need your tracks done. If you can't send me a finished version now, please PM with a general idea when it would be done. I need all tracks before I can submit our project, not to mention that ITC is already, effectively, 2 months behind scheduel. I know this is sudden, and a bit forceful, and I really hope I'm not coming off rude. It's just high time I kick myself into gear, and get the project approved and moving towards release. My goal still stands, and I will not let ITC fall through. ... In fact, if you guys ever need to contact me directly, I have a TeamSpeak-esque program called Discord, which is absolutely free, and you can even voice chat, should you so desire. Join ItC's server here: https://discord.gg/pSA5tC6 Well, that's all for this bump, and re-ignite post. I hope to see some people hop on Discord soon. Touchstone.
  9. Nice! I recently fell in love with Bravely Default's soundtrack, so this should be really fun!
  10. Alright! Time to get to work! ...Also, just a question about the Party system. Can I use all 3 of my available themes (Character, Party, and Source), or am I limited to 2 (Character and Source or Party and Source)?
  11. So, I have just messaged the current album artist if he will be able to do art, but if he's not, I don't think that will be a big deal. If you're willing, I'll be happy to have you as our web designer/coder.
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