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Hedgehog Reboom (Sonic Advance 2 & 3)


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Cyber Track Zone:

(There are other sources that are relatively close, Act 2 and 3)

Music Plant Zone:

I need a lot of help with this one. I entered it in the SZRC way back in the first round and didn't do too well. But! That's a great reason to ask for help.

The main criticisms I've gotten so far are issues with the music's key clashing, and my lyrical delivery isn't very energetic. I was hoping I could get some advice on how to work through that.


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Yeah, I believe I was the one that brought up the vocal delivery irk - and somehow responded with a funny take on the Fresh Prince theme when this was aired on SEGA Mixer Drive #54. :lol: Again, vocals are very tricky to actually get around, especially since they're naturally really difficult to pull off and get the sound you're going for.

I've no idea what kind of tips Sir Jordanius gave you when working on "Time Traveller's Delight", but here's how I can imagine the kind of vocal delivery. Instead of just looking at your recording area as a recording area with just yourself in, you can instead envision yourself as shouting out towards an entire group of people as you really push your feelings across. Possibly the best way to envision the delivery is to treat it as if you're leading a group of boy scouts that happen to be Sonic fans, and you're addressing the entire group as its leader. Get the feeling of the new cartoon off to this young pack and make them want to watch it when it starts airing!

Wow... when did I start turning into Sir J myself :tomatoface:

Anyway, we want to see you become more street for another potential vocal spot, whether with O'sembled or in another asset. I hope these tips could help you improve your vocals further ;)

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