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  1. So there are no where on the site on qualifications on joining ocremix staff. I think it would be good for djpretzel and ocremix community if they had contacts and a bunch of resumes and applications incase they need more help on the website. like for example: certain qualities they find good. certain number of months in the community etc... I ask this question to official ocremix staff but none of them give me the same words. I think there should be an official protocol or procedure when talking about ocremix staff. I talked to some members of the community and they agree with me because they feel like its a secret club only-and thats not really community in my opinion. What do you guys think and what does ocremix staff think?
  2. I LUUUV sonic music keep up the good remixing !
  3. I LUUUV sonic music keep up the good remixing !
  4. Hi Not much of a fan of the game music but the quality is Good. i wouldnt recomend a dance remix tho... when people download music from the website... most of them are on there computers... But if you are going to make this for a dj then that makes more sense...
  5. Hi If this is ur FIRST remix you ever did.... >_> NICE! this is way better than my first remix i ever did... but ofcourse that was a while ago... :3 minuswell submit this! i can imagine this as a ocremix
  6. Hi I definately think this is an potential ocremix. you should keep up the good work and let us know when the remix is complete!! I LUUUV Megaman anything
  7. The judging process takes a long time the judges are really busy but the track is pretty cool. i did not play this game but it sounds familiar NICE JOB!
  8. I Am Not Making Drama Rexy is not ocremix staff and her post was off my topic. My forum post was about ranking system and she contribute nothing to it only telling me to go somewhere else. its ok liontamer was off topic a little but he is ocremix staff same with drakesword only reason why i brought up irc is because to explain where im coming from. so im not saying this randomly
  9. youre negativity from irc chat channel is not welcomed here rexy youre pretty much telling me to go to somehwere else other than ocremix. i didnt mention youtube newgrounds i am in ocremix forums and in the irc channel. why would i want to go to youtube?! if i wanted to go to youtube ill be over there right now. I just made a post to feedback on the site thats all and out of all posts in the forums you reply to mines and telling me same negative stuff from IRC which your post has nothing to do with my idea
  10. Let me know if you would like me to get in detail with negatives and positives
  11. Hi I think there should be a Ocremix for non profesionals. Like seperet from the main ocremix pros. Where the remix doesnt have to be perfect and pro it can be ok and get put up. for example: If i submit a remix and they say NO. It will go to another judgement process like silver rank and maybe it will pass there. and it will have silver judges. and the judges of each rank will be voted in by the non pro remixers. and then eventually remixers may start at copper rank and then in the future become real ocremixers. (example Gold or Platinum) What do you guys think?
  12. I really like the guitar I play this game not as much but i think its pretty cool my final grade: B I'll probably do another review after im done finishing the game, but nice work!
  13. hi i like this but i dont like dubstep im kinda torn on it but i played metroid before and i rememeber this song and you did it pretty good i grade it a B-
  14. Hello Ocremixers i've been a fan of ocremix for years (more years than you think) i've never really went into the irc channel and forums until recently and I started FINALLY remixing. i'll be doing a few tf2 remixes and maybe start up a tf2 remix project album soon! Just wanted to say hi to the community and expect some good remixes real soon! as for my relevant background information: I have play the violin for 5 years now I manage 2 tf2 all girl gaming clan (yes i am a gamer girl and losing is not what we do) my favorite remixers are(so far): Darkesword McVaffe SirNutz djpretzel starblast tefnek thats about it i think so far If you guys are interested in collabing too about tf2 remixes let me know! Thanks! -Lady Twiggy
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