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  1. Happy birthday, dude!

  2. I'm totally down for vocally collaborating on a bonus track! But that would be the only way
  3. So many great mentions already... But I'd have to go with -Ristar -Streets of Rage (2 in particular) -Phantasy Star Online -Jet Set Radio And those are pretty cool haha
  4. I heard the Oil Ocean WT-40 Remix and years later realized it was from here. Pretty cool realizing that actually
  5. I agree with all the previously mentioned points. I'm just marking down for interest... But this would probably be a huge thing. So yeah, no rush.
  6. That's two years...but dang, still been a long time. Whew. At any rate...I'd like to see what all opinions come up for this...but I want to throw something in here. (Plus that date is so far away, I still have some time to polish some skills)
  7. As soon as 3D Blast came up, that whole deal came to mind lol I'd really love to see one of the Adventure games get covered, since they brought out a lot of the character specific tones at that point.
  8. Aw, I was trying to rap it. The Shatner effect was an unplanned byproduct for sure :/
  9. Shouldn't have procrastinated...but I got something in. Whew.
  10. Thanks! That helps a good bit. Getting the tone down is kind of tricky in a home setup, but envisioning a bigger area definitely will give me that push. I'm gonna try some more takes which should help.
  11. https://soundcloud.com/brotha-dom/hedgehog-reboom-draft Cyber Track Zone: , (There are other sources that are relatively close, Act 2 and 3) Music Plant Zone: I need a lot of help with this one. I entered it in the SZRC way back in the first round and didn't do too well. But! That's a great reason to ask for help. The main criticisms I've gotten so far are issues with the music's key clashing, and my lyrical delivery isn't very energetic. I was hoping I could get some advice on how to work through that. Thanks!
  12. On Topic: Both of these mixes are really cool! Loving em. Kinda Off Topic: I appreciate the feedback I got way back in the first round, and it's really helped me in the past weeks. Been working on some mixes for other projects and compos, and things are working out and looking well! So thanks ya'll!
  13. I wanna join in! Gonna go with Rap/Hip-Hop, and for source...hmm: Eagle's Theme -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiV6QO9qR-k from Advance Wars Two sources: https://soundcloud.com/brotha-dom/lash-club https://soundcloud.com/brotha-dom/stardust-speedway-jp-badass Is that everything I need to post?
  14. Yay Gotta give a lot of appreciation to Jean for all the help!
  15. Also, our source is Stage 13 from Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine http://youtu.be/QAcM6JP8DtA
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