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*NO* Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith 'Temple of the Omnisword' *RESUB*


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Contact Information

> ReMixer name: HeavenWraith

> Real name: Antanas Palaitis

> E-mail:

> Website: http://www.heavenwraithmusic.net

> Forum user ID: 50325

Submission Information

> Game: Touhou: Mountain Of Faith

> ReMix Name: Temple of the Omnisword

> Original Name: Native Faith

> Original Author: ZUN

> Link to the file:


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This is a step in the right direction but something still sounds pretty off about it. One thing is that the glassy, heavily quantized synths still don't completely mesh with the more brutal metal parts - they come off as very cheesy, and the rigid nature of them sounds totally strange next to live guitars and live-sounding drums. On that note though, the drums are also still as mechanical as the last version. If you listen to the snare rolls in particular, it sounds extremely unnatural, and the sample could be improved to boot. The kick sounds a little better though. Continue to work on this and maybe experiment with different synth sounds. I think something less rigid would be a better fit.

NO (resubmit)

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Liking the subdued opening. Palp's made some excellent points above. The bell synth lead isn't holding down the lead pattern well because it's too washed out in reverb/decay, making the faster sections' notes bleed into each other. I think a more aggressive synth tone would work better, but that's just IMO.

With the energy and excellent guitar work here, it really does deserve better percussion treatment. You've earned it! :). Initially, I thought it was just a repetitive sequencing issue, but when the drums are playing in the quieter sections, it exposes the snare sample weakness more.

Piano felt a bit rigid as well around the 4:15ish mark. Ending was very cool.

Tons of energy and potential here. Keep at it.

NO resubmit, please

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The intro sounded pretty solid. 1:01 quickly got too crunchy and the cymbals and exposed were still very weak and fake-sounding. I still felt the lead guitar and bell-like instrumentation didn't combine well at all the super-crunchy percussion. Really fake lead from 3:02-3:13 & 5:05-5:15 that just sounded shrill as well as mechanical. The piano at 4:09 wasn't the worst offender, but again the timing sounds fake and mechanical.

The arrangement & writing were strong, but the instrumentation and textures are still killing this. The sounds continue not to combine effectively, and too many parts are sequenced too rigidly to pass for a somewhat natural-sounding performance.


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