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Xbox Indie Game Recommendations?

Meteo Xavier

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So, after 18 months of waiting until my income level could allow me to get a wired controller and an AV/HD cable for the Xbox 360 my wife's family sent us only to discover I had all that shit the whole FUCKING time, my Xbox 360 is now up and operational.

And then I found out Konami took off the TMNT, Simpsons and Xmen game I intended to focus most of my XBoxing on. FUCK.

So instead I'm going to look into the Indie game market to get my fill for making something useful out of this system (I never planned to be an Xbox owner). What can you recommend out of the XBLIG for a man or whatever I am who still games like it's 1995 or so?

Much thanks.

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For good sprite beat-em-up's I suggest Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Phantom Breaker: Battlegrounds. I have not played Phantom Breaker but I keep debating to get my Xbox back to play it, as it looks really good.

If you don't have a PS3 and do have xbox gold, I suggest Castelvania: Harmony of Dispair. Playing solo is dull, and xbox does not have offline co-op, so online play is a must for this game.

EDIT: Freak I forgot shadow complex, I would put that as my top pick. It's a metroidvania that's more about shooting, where Dust is more slashing. Both are great.

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I was going to get either the Streets of Rage or Golden Axe set to compliment my need for beat-em-ups (it's one of the few games I get to 2 player with my wife on) along with Guardian Heroes. My main function for using the Xbox is just to get classic or classic style games on it I couldn't get elsewhere (like Sega Saturn Treasure stuff), I don't plan to have loads and loads of stuff on it. I just want like 10 games on it so I have a solid enough reason to play it annually without having too much to get through.

I also want to get 'em now before they get delisted like the ones I really wanted on there.

I also found out that Piers Solar is going to be on there soon. I DEFINITELY want to get that. :)

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