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  1. This copyright trolling by Orchard is why a bunch of speedrunners and LPers left YouTube for twitch. It seems that The Orchard Group was bought up by Sony this year, but they haven't stopped their trolling. This is what happens: 1. They either find two different versions of the same song (regardless if it's public domain or if one copy is stolen) and claim one of them is the copyright owner that they have distribution rights for, or they use an unrelated song and claim that they have distribution rights. 2. They file the copyright claim with the copyright claim system on YouTube. 3. Orchard gains ad revenue from whatever videos they claim copyright on for the duration of their claim. They will defend their claim due to this and it's only removed once the claim expires. 4. Evil lawyers gleefully suck in ad revenue from innocents. Go google "orchard copyright scam" and you'll see people complaining that they've claimed copyright on public domain songs like The Star Spangled Banner or Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. They've also claimed copyright on artists uploading their own original music. Why nobody has gotten a class-action lawsuit against these assholes, I don't know. This guy says how to get the claim removed (he legally purchased a stock song to use for his channel), but it doesn't solve the issue of these claims still happening. If OCR has any decent legal guns, I wonder if bringing this up in a legal sense to Orchard's parent company, Sony, would do anything. Sony is crazy about copyright, so if a lawsuit is brought up that brings to light that they own copyright scammers they might do something about it.
  2. Back when the internet was new and I was a teenager I could only draw animals, so I ran with the furry crowd. Annie Felis is the name of the bat-winged cat girl character I created back then, and I've been using it for about 20 years since.
  3. The Qhimm modding forums has a group working on the Team Avalanche project, which is a graphical rehaul of the FF7 PC version. They're a little discouraged about the FF7 remake being announced, but I bet with some encouragement people will keep on the project. They're also looking for people to do music and a better translation, last I knew. You could see what is available to patch if you have the PC version and try playing. If anything they have a few upgraded character models.
  4. You have to be a major asshole (or too lazy to get a real job) to take free albums and try to make money off of them. This isn't typical piracy, this is just a dick being a dick to get some quick cash. If he's posting things on FFshrine, they say that they'll remove the links if the album owners or composers file a complaint.
  5. I thought the Monster Rancher games were considered RPGs? Was there someplace where they didn't call them that? Because they are sim games, but then again so are the Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games and they're considered RPGs.
  6. I just got a warm fuzzy feeling from seeing Brigandine on the list. I can't think of any PS1 RPGs that you're missing, either. It just makes me lament that I couldn't buy all of these when they were out. A lot of them had very limited print runs.
  7. No but...now I'm wondering if somewhere, there is a gamer who bounces up in their seat every time they jump in a game in the hopes that they will time their jumps better. Okay, not wondering. Hoping.
  8. Eh, they took a neat idea and had to make it into something artistic instead. It would be better to hear the full song assembled from the artifacts instead of sounds here and there to make some ghostly sound effects. The same goes for the MP4 loss, and make a video of what little bits of data are left over from the compression. We'd get a better idea of what was lost then.
  9. The fishing hole music from Twilight Princess might be okay, since it's meant to be ambient and relaxing to go along with fishing. It does have some strings in it that might not be what you're looking for. Otherwise Metroid games are the kings of ambient music, especially the Prime series: Phendrana Drifts: Chozo Temple: Temple of Elders: Tallon Overworld: Torvus Bog Hydrodynamo (which is just a remix of Brinstar Red, so it might be too repetative): Torvus Bog Main theme: Skytown (too much choir?):
  10. Yeah, I heard that they did that too, since I was checking out the changes between versions on a wiki yesterday. I think there are some changes they didn't mention, though. I started playing Prime on the Wii U a few days ago and noticed some things, like Samus' hit box seems a little smaller (so she won't get hung up on doorways with the drunken controls), and the space pirate AI is somehow dumber and more aggressive. Beam pirates will charge at you if they have any available route to reach you, even in situations when they used to stand and shoot at you. I'm about to get the X-ray visor and then move on to Omega Pirate, so the dumb AI might be interesting in that fight. Anyway I'm kind of interested in seeing how Prime 2's bosses are. It might be nice to be able to beat the Boost Guardian in one go without any frustration.
  11. Oh look, Comcast's bribes that we formally call "lobbying" are finally paying off. Now that a bunch of easily-bribed officials are in office, they'll start doing the favors they promised to the corporations who gave them big fat campaign funds. I'm not a conspiracy theorist either. This is just how American government works now.
  12. It doesn't intersect. It's a minority using the whole gamer equality and ethics in gaming journalism things as excuses to harass people, specifically the more visable people. They're probably not going after journalists because they figure they won't get a rise out of them or much of a response. They'll go after people who say "Bayonetta offends me!" because they're a whole lot more emotional and easier to pick on. Just today Felicia Day got doxxed because she posted in her blog yesterday on how she didn't want to say much about gamergate, about how the whole thing felt awkward and made her feel alienated from other gamers. She didn't jump on a soapbox to preach whatever her opinion was, she just pretty much said "wow this makes me feel uncomfortable so here are my reasons to not talk about it", and some dipshits used that as an excuse to doxx her. I don't doubt that there are some little keyboard warriors thinking that they're doing some social good by attacking developers or bloggers, but mostly it's the same group of assholes lurking in IRC channels and giggling about who they can go after next. They're bullies, nothing else. Edit: Damn, beaten by Bleck with his tl;dr version
  13. Leave your anti-gay remarks at the door. They're not wanted. Anyway my son asked to play both "Kirby" and "Mario" today. I was a proud momma.
  14. I had serious problems lactating right after my son was born, to the point where he had jaundice because he couldn't flush the toxins out of his body due to nothing being in his belly. The hospital refused to let me have formula to give to him because the lactation specialist was some kind of breast milk facist, and it wasn't until the final day we were there that somebody from the pediatrician's office took one look at my son and demanded he get some formula. So doctors who have some stupid by-the-book practice and don't consider options when a child is clearly ill can go fuck themselves, and you ought to get a second opinion if you ever do run into one of these jackanapes. So yeah, breastfeeding is best because antibodies are passed on that way, but your kid isn't going to suffer too badly. My son very rarely gets sick, but then again he's all up to date on shots. On that note: get your kids their shots. Always. Anti-vaccers are morons, and the "research" was rigged by a man who wanted to bank on a new patent for vaccines. Vaccines don't cause autism, and even if they did, having an autistic kid is a hell of a lot better than having a dead kid. Here's another: respect your kid's personal space. Some parents are all over their little ones, cuddling and kissing them, but that drives some kids crazy. If your child doesn't want to be touched, if you don't have a good reason to, then don't. Respect them like you would respect an older kid or adult.
  15. The woman in Dragon's Crown were intentionally sexualized to the point of being ridiculous, something that sailed over the heads of the people who were pissed about the giant breasts or giant thighs of the female characters. The male characters were stylized to be equally ridiculous, not necessarily in sexy terms but just in general. I named my fighter Pinhead because he was a giant breastplate with a tiny head and short little legs. The dwarf was equally silly, being built like a barrel. The art in that game was poking fun at the typical swords and sorcery art and exaggerating it to the point where it was laughable. It's like the whole thing was a big stab at every DnD video game made, both with the art and the ridiculous "you meet at the pub lol". That's why the art worked: everybody looked silly, even the NPCs.
  16. Annoying guy is even voiced by an actor that always does "annoying best friend" roles in anime. They should go for broke and get him to be voiced by David Spade when it's released in english. Crank up the annoyance level.
  17. I almost didn't bother playing Record of Lodoss War for Dreamcast, because I had picked up some other "junk" games from a FYE bargin bin some ten years ago, and among those were winners like Dragonriders of Pern. I figured Lodoss was the same, and boy was I wrong. Even if the plot is kind of dumb and predictable (I saw the protagonist and I gave him the name I figured the character really was, after seeing the anime), the gameplay is amazing and fun, and a lot like Diablo 2. I'm glad I didn't leave it to collect dust.
  18. The Seiken Densetsu games, that being the GBA remake of the original, Secret of Mana and SD3. Secret of Mana is probably the best because kids don't mind steep difficulty curves, it's a basic action RPG with a big of platforming problem solving, and you and play two players on it. If you're looking for other easy RPGs with mild themes, the Lunar games are probably a good bet. The way they were localized into english had a lot of jokes that sailed over a kid's head, but I imagine that they're still relatively tame in japanese. The only downside is you have to do emulation, or dig out a PSP to play the Lunar remake that came out a few years back. You pretty much can only do emulation if you want to play Eternal Blue, which is probably the best Lunar game.
  19. Liquid Snake was my favorite, although Mario is pretty hilarious.
  20. I knew about Aeris' death months before FFVII even came out in the USA. My boyfriend had a japanese playstation and a japanese copy, and not only did he tell me about the death but he had to show it to me (as well as the ending of the game, which made little sense with japanese subtitles and no context). I still got the game anyway, but the biggest shocker to most gamers was kind of a "meh, yeah this again" to me.
  21. Annie Felis


    I remember this game, but I didn't play it. My dad was clueless when buying games for my sister and I so this is one of the things he bought me. I was 17 and an arrogant snob when it came to my playstation, so I wanted to play hardcore games like Street Fighter Alpha 2 instead of a game I thought was for little kids. My sister played it a bunch. I don't know if she beat it or not but it looked pretty darn easy.
  22. Just be prepared: it has some cringe-worthy voicover work. Considering that only one guy drew, programmed, wrote the music and paid for the actors it's forgivable. The music is pretty good, too.
  23. If it's still in the store, get Dust: An Elsyan Tale. It's a fun metroidvania.
  24. I've been following that community for a while, and they keep getting more artists to work on a complete overhaul. The Tifa Bootleg is fine, but people are working at doing textures on models as well as re-rendering the prerendered low-res backgrounds to be high res. Go check Project Avalanche out, and contribute if you want. They could use musicians willing to give the music an overhaul. They could also use a translator that understands that some of the original script contains engrish (hence "knowlespole"), and that it could use some serious fixing. The community is quieter than it was when I found it a couple of years ago, but people are continuing to work on mods.
  25. Thanks! My WoW sub runs out in a week, so after that I'll probably plow through the game. I planned on waiting until I got the celestial mirror to try dropping sigils in my inventory. Like I said, I don't want to ruin my save data because I did something I shouldn't. From what I've heard, the Dark Aeons are like some of the harder original creatures in the monster arena. Difficult, but possible to beat if you know the right strategy. I'm both excited and somewhat intimidated by them too. Then again if I can beat Ragu Ragula in Wild Arms games, I can beat these guys. If you don't want to hack like some of us, that's respectable. If you don't want to waste time dodging lightning, you can always make Lulu's celestial weapon equivalent. You normally should get everything you need to make it from the monster arena, but if you decided to make triple overdrive and overdrive -> AP weapons for leveling purposes you'll have burnt up your Winning Formulas. It might take a bit of gil to bribe to get them, but you get so much crap to sell as you're making your way through the final dungeon it won't be too hard. It seems like kind of a ridiculous and roundabout way to get the weapon, but I still think it's easier than dodging lightning.
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