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Blue Flames (MMX2 - Flame Stag)


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I think you've got a good concept here. I like the drums and synth lead you used, and I agree with the other posters that there's potential for an 80's style piece here. For me, I think your mixing is a bit flat though. I can see a pretty great soundscape being here, but right now, it seems too simplistic. The arrangement is also a bit too basic. Except for the intro and outro, everything is at more or less the same intensity level. It might help to try experimenting with solos or bridge sections.

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Thanks for the feedback

For me, the soundscape sounds basic/vanilla. I don't hear much expression-controller action going on.

Yeah, I mostly do automation work at a later stage (except when I need it earlier, for listening reasons)

@jordan: Yeah, the arrangement. That's the thing I always have problems with, somehow I'm blocked when I want to write more parts, somehow I never get something I'm satisfied with. I often get to the point where I get a serious writer's block

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