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    Having discovered video games at the tender age of 4, I have been hooked on the ultimate boredom cure ever since! It was the love of these games, and the love of music, which drew me to this great community. While not a very accomplished musician, I do excel in the field of graphic design, and am more then willing to do my part to contribute to a place dedicated to keeping alive some of my fondest memories!
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  1. I gotta say, I definitely like this a lot. The synth is a great take on this tune. It sounds sort of like an old sci-fi film, almost with a sort of mass effect-esque vibe.
  2. Don't get me wrong Bahamut, I think the destroyed look works perfectly. I actually dig the weathered, scratched look of the Megaman X logo. The color scheme looks great too. It gives the feeling of the overwelming threat of the mavericks. It's the particular font chosen for the text "Maverick Rising", the gradient effect on that same particular block of text, and the gradients on the explosion-esque graphic behind the entire logo I don't like. It feels so "amateur photoshop". Like someone dragged the line tool repeatedly in different directions to make shapes and slapped overlays on the whole thing. I just don't feel it suits the amount of effort the rest of the cover seems to project.
  3. I really hope that isnt the final logo for the album cover. Don't get me wrong, the artwork is absolutely stunning. Like truly blow you away incredible. But the logo looks like it was thrown together quickly in photoshop with gradients and strokes added solely so there was more stuff going on. It doesnt suit the otherwise excellent cover.
  4. Idk if you guys are accepting custom album covers or not, but here is one i've been working on to show my support for this project. Megaman X forever!
  5. @bahamut I can respect that, or well, at least understand it. People are too different and opinionated to all like the same thing. @dyne thanks man
  6. Ouch guys, all this criticism really hurts. :/ @bahamut His arms and legs were intentionally sized that way. I know in official artwork he is much bulkier, but this is OC Remix. The tracks on this site are from people who love and appreciate these great games, but are not remastered copies of the original. They contain elements of the original, so they are still identifiable, but then artistic liberties are taken so the track develops its own identity. Its one of the things i love most about this community, so took this same idea to heart when i drew X. I took my own artistic influences and ideas and combined them with several different designs of X. (and there are design differences. Over the years he grows taller and thinner in the way people draw him. Quite a few video game characters seem to have this happen over time, Sonic for example.) So in this he is still clearly X, but with my own artistic flair and passion for the character. @dyne. His head is there because hes crouching over towards camera. I wanted to give him a more dramatic and heroic pose then just standing there. He looks tense, like he's about to jump in and save the day. Or at least thats what i was going for. @dafydd They are referring to his legs in the full drawing. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f92/darkspider_0/megamanxCOMPARE.jpg @torzelan Again, I made him thinner intentionally. I grew up reading a lot of comic books, which served as one of the major influences for my drawing techniques. And in American comics, a commonly used technique for hero characters is to (subtly) elongate their limbs and shrink their heads in proportion to the rest of their body. Thats why I drew him like that. I wanted to make him seem taller and heroic. However the type face you are looking for is called fraulein. Im pretty certain its a free font.
  7. Your right, it was very much hand drawn. (and then colored in photoshop) http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f92/darkspider_0/megamanxCOMPARE.jpg I just love the X series.
  8. Please for the love of god tell me your looking for graphic designers for album art, banners etc. I have been waiting for OCR to do the X series, and I need to be a part of this project.
  9. it has to be on there somewhere..... if not, i shall become very very sad :'(
  10. Nice WIP, Its pretty solid. Because its a dance beat, it loses the sad tone of the original, but i dont typically mind that. Overall its an enjoyable piece, I love the ambiance, and when it reaches about 4:40 the tone really starts to shine. My only irk with it is the pulsing beat seems to pound your head in at times and overpower everything else. Maybe tone it down slightly? Other then that I liked it a lot. It reminds me a bit of the work of flashburn (of newgrounds fame), but thats a good thing imo.
  11. I rather enjoy it. It has a very "master chief is walking in slowly like a total hardass and is about to lay down the hurt on the covenant / or a pre epic battle" feel to it..... if that makes any sense.
  12. Spazer, Im digging the music, really! It has a very rocking, almost progressive feel to it( i think someone mentioned this earlier). Might I suggest uploading the full album on to myspace music? With their (fairly) recent expansion, they let artists upload enitre discographys, so it might be cool to upload all you songs there. Jut a thought.
  13. While I agree, Halo is a teensy bit on the obsessive overrated side, I dont think thats grounds persay the game itself is bad. I myself have always been a fan of science fiction, and it was the immersive story that drew me to the game. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, some liked it, others didnt, but I personally loved it, especially the sheer depth of it all. Combined with Marty O'Donnells brilliant score, the balanced and intersting selection of weapons, and solid gameplay and controls are why the series in a gem in my eyes. Not to mention, the multiplayer is something to be admired, what with Bungies very active community and their willingness to listen to what their fans want. I might be mistaken, but company feedback and support like that is something not very common in the industry. Are there things that annoyed me about the game? Absolutely. Master Chiefs potrayal as a near silent, emotionless protaganist gets old after so long. And obvious listening to 13 year olds whine and ask for achievement help in multiplayer is annoying, but you can find that in nearly everygame. I just think the games strengths outway its weaknesses. Some people agree with me, others dont, but hey, thats alright either way. Again everyone is entitled to their own preferences. What some people believe is is great, others might view it as mediocre or even bad, and vice versa.
  14. Hey Hylian Lemon, I wanted to add, I really dig the essence of lime track. Its a pretty damn enjoyable remix.That being said, I wanted to offer some constructive critisism on the song Swordbeams. While its not a bad track, the drum loops are REALLY repetitive. Mixing the Gameboy digital sounds is pretty cool, and very fitting when you look at the game its from, I just think the drums could use a little variation!.