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Composer question - are you posting unused tracks?


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I'm a new to this, and as a noob composer - my SoundCloud page is pretty... weak on material.

I decided to post only stuff that's actually been used (games, music challenges, covers, etc...).

More than once I was working with a developer that decided to drop the project he was working on.

Now I'm "stuck" with a piece of music which I like but hasn't been used anywhere.

I'm trying to decide if it would be wise to post it on my SoundCloud.

I would probably want to use the music with another game some time in the future - but won't developers want me to write something completely new for them instead of using something from my SoundCloud?

What are your thoughts on this subject? What do you do with unused tracks?

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What are your thoughts on this subject? What do you do with unused tracks?


As a professional songwriter and composer, I can tell you there will be many times when you write a song for a specific reason (ie: artist, movie, game) and it winds up not getting used. This happens ALL THE TIME.

Basically, I do NOT post any of my songs I plan on selling anywhere online or public. However I am more of a songwriter for recording artists, so I'm having to follow a very strict code of secrecy with all my written material before a "record label" finally picks it up and publishes it themselves.

Many companies want the publishing for songs within their own company, and if there's any leakage or problems due to pre-release songs getting our, it'll fall on you if you're the one who posted it somewhere negligently.

That being said, if you're just kinda doing this amateurish and don't think you'll have to worry about future companies getting upset over leaks, then go ahead your songs wherever.

It's really tricky. Some companies might not care at all, but at least here in Japan it's a HUGE no no. I'd probably lose all respect from the labels I work with if I released songs on SoundCloud or youtube that I was trying to sell to them at the same time. Especially if they found out after the fact.

That's my two cents. Keep asking around and good luck.

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I'm not a composer but as for posting unused stuff on soundcloud, I say keep it private or add various portions of it to a WIP playlist. Get feedback on it then post the full complete version in public form.

I have to go back to my previous samples on soundcloud to alter them then re-upload them.

If you want, keep unused stuff private if you don't want feedback on it.

If you worried about someone stealing it then have a "listening feedback party" where you choose who listens to that unused portion and have them give you feedback. Do this via cloud and give them the link.

Hope I understand the original topic and this helped.

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